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It’s A Boy!

December 27, 2007

After waiting over 3 weeks, our new puppy finally came home on December 26th! We’ve decided to name him Peanut, which is fitting for his size and color.

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I went into the pet store looking for a Pomeranian, but I didn’t see one. I did see a Papillon that was really cute, so I called Matt to come meet me at the pet store to check him out. I was at another store when Matt arrived and we met met up outside the store. Matt was looking at some puppies in the window, which I didn’t pay much attention to because I wanted a puppy that was a little older. Anyway, I asked Matt what he was looking at and he showed me Peanut, the most adorable little Pom puppy ever. I think he was biting another puppy and being a complete terror, and I was like “Yeah, that’s my puppy.” I still showed the Papillon to Matt, but once we picked up Peanut it was meant to be. He crawled all over me and licked my face. He TOTALLY knows how to get what he wants.

Unfortunately, he had a parasite and couldn’t come home until he was treated and cured. We went to visit him almost every day, so he got to know us really well. The day he was cleared to come home was the day we left for Connecticut for Christmas, so he had to stay with our vet (who just happened to be the vet for the store also).

And now he is home! He’s sleeping on my lap right now (long day… he had to go back to the vet for more shots). He is soooooooo good about going to the bathroom outside, sleeping in his crate, not barking (much), and sometimes he will even come when we call him. Of course, he has our Westie to watch. He really looks up to him like a big brother, and Taz is being pretty understanding about having a little pup in the house. The cats, on the other hand, are staying out of site. : )

My friend Stephanie is an amazing photographer (click here for Steph’s blog). Last Saturday, she did and engagement session with us and I am just in awe of what she captured! I really want to send this out to everyone right away, but I also want to keep it a surprise so that everyone sees them for the first time at the wedding. Decisions, decisions. We will have to see what Steph thinks! Matt hasn’t seen them yet (though he WOULD if he would come upstairs!!). LOL! He had so much fun taking the photos, too. He seriously kept talking about it for hours and hours, and he was so excited that we will have some new pictures of us. Usually, we just hold the camera out and snap pics ourselves!

I really can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. In January, we will hopefully find some time to do a boudoir and a bridal session (or two sessions, it’s all up to Steph). And then after the wedding… a trash the dress session perhaps? I am still working my way up to that one, but who knows?! It would make for some very interesting photos!

UPDATE: Here are a few more awesome shots from our session! :)

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