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Bachelorette Bash

January 30, 2008

It’s only Tuesday, but already last Saturday seems like a blur now. Fortunately, Steph took a bunch of pics so I can relive the night. I was running around all morning trying to get things done (go to my weigh in, go grocery shopping, pick up wedding dress #2 from the seamstress, come home and clean, then prep all the food and decorate for the party). But everyone started arriving around 6:30pm and I had so much fun! When the limo arrived, neighbors came out of their houses to stare. Yeah, I guess it was quite a sight! My one neighbor stopped me yesterday and said it was the biggest limo he had ever seen. But hey, us ladies (and guy) deserved it! I have to admit, I’m spoiled now. I can’t wait to get another limo for a special event. I’ve already tried convincing Matt to let us get a limo next month for my birthday. I don’t think he’s convinced!

We all had some champagne on the way down to the Gypsy Cab Comedy Club in St. Augustine. Once we arrived, people were staring again. Hehe! I think we liked the attention. :) The comedians were hilarious, and the club owner, Jackie, definitely made my face turn red. She was such a riot!! Oh, the things she said to me… too funny!

After the show, we all headed back to Jacksonville. Most of our party decided to head home (smart move, as I recall being fairly sober when we came back). However, Steph, Carl, and I continued the party at Aroma’s Cigar Bar, and it got pretty bad from there. We chugged (yes, chugged… it was about a 2-3 mile ride) another bottle of champagne on the way to Aroma’s. Then I had a chocolate martini, glass of wine, plus who knows how many cloves, and when we left I was ready to pass out. And I did. Matt picked us up and I remember begging for McDonald’s, then once we got food I complained about how nasty it was. Then I begged to go home. I wasn’t too hung over the next day, but I’m sure I passed out immediately after we got home.

I have to make this a quick blog because it’s bedtime! Two more days of work and I am OUT OF HERE, but I need some beauty sleep for sure. Here are a few pics from Saturday night:

January 17, 2008

This past Sunday was my bridal shower. We all met up for brunch at Sterlings (yum!) and had a blast. The food was awesome (crab cake benedict, mini raspberry cheesecakes) and the company was even better. Carl organized the event with Stephanie, and they surprised me with a bunch of cute decorations. Carl credits Steph with the decorations, but humble-as-ever, she says it was his idea. But I say they are both guilty! It was a very pleasant surprise and the day was just perfect!

Steph also took a ton of pics, capturing all the details of the day. We also did some group photos out in the courtyard, which was fun after a few mimosas! We were all pretty loosened up!

I want to send out a big thank you and a huge HUG to everyone who was there! Two and a half weeks to go! I can’t believe it!!!!!!

I stole Steph’s slide show, but be sure to also check out her blog and review of the event at

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2008

Matt and I celebrated New Year’s Eve with a quiet night at home. We had (several bottles) of raspberry spumante with raspberries and strawberries (yummy) and had a feast of food with huge porterhouse steaks (marinaded overnight in marinade from Pittsburgh… heavenly!), King crab legs steamed with Matt’s homemade beer, and for dessert we had a rich chocolate cake. We started eating at 4:30pm with cocktail shrimp and potato skins, then about an hour later had crescent rolls filled with garlic & herb cheese spread. Then just before midnight we opened up a bottle of champagne and watched all of the NYE celebrations on TV. It has to be the most fun I’ve ever had on New Year’s!

We woke up this morning not hungry at all! Finally, we had brunch at about 1:30pm today. Matt used our new waffle maker and made waffles with strawberries and whipped cream with mimosas. Sooooooooo yummy! We are heading to a friend’s house for dinner in a little bit, but I’m not even sure if we will be able to eat anything! I think I’ve had enough for the week!!