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More Wedding Pics

July 28, 2008

Here are some more pics from Ken and Marcia’s wedding. I can’t wait to see the ones their photographer took! I was in the back of the church and snuck upstairs to snap a couple shots overlooking the whole scene. :)

3 Responses to “More Wedding Pics”

  1. Matt says:

    the picture of marcia feeding cake to ken is priceless. I also love the look she has for him as they leave the church. she said they both started crying then.

    we look pretty good too!!

  2. Stephanie Owens says:

    I thought you did a really great job… they looked like they had fun.

  3. Corinna Hoffman Photography says:

    Never told you this.. but you look hot in that last picture of you and Matt :) I loove that dress! Great job on the pictures :)

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