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#1 Fan

August 7, 2008

My hubby is a closet Pittsburgher. We are getting ready to leave for our Pittsburgh trip. The Steelers are playing the Eagles tomorrow night. Matt still insists he is an Eagles fan, but I think he is in denial. Here’s why:

– Matt has seen numerous games at Heinz Field but has yet to go a game at Lincoln. In fact, the Steelers play IN Philly this year and he doesn’t want to go.

– Matt has been to the fan appreciation day at Heinz but when I tried to convince him to go to the Eagles fan appreciation day he declined. I even insisted and told him he could meet McNabb guaranteed and he said no.

– This morning when I said how excited I was about our trip, he said he can’t wait to have some Primanti Bros. and pierogies!!

– Matt loves tailgating with Steeler fans. He basically thinks Eagle fans are assholes (and he’s right).

– Does Matt belong to an Eagles fan club? Nope! However, he is a paid member of the Steel City Mafia and even will be one of its staff members. He also goes to games every week with my local club, the Jacksonville Black and Gold (JAXBAG).

– He has more Steelers clothes than any other team.

Matt can wear an Eagles jersey all he wants and even say that he is an Eagles fan when people ask, but underneath that #5 jersey is the heart of a Steeler fan!!

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