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All Hail The Bargain Babe!

August 13, 2008

I sooooooooo rock! I love a good deal, but today I think I even impressed Matt with my thrifty-ness!

I went out to a store earlier and saw that they had several natural, organic, and vegetarian items on clearance. Yes, clearance at a grocery store! I’ve died and gone to bargain heaven!

Since I carpooled today, I had to call Matt to meet me at work before anyone else discovered my treasure chest of food deals (not like it was going to happen, but I was so anxious!). I told Matt a little about what to expect but I think it still blew his mind when he got to the store.

We filled up the shopping cart with all kinds of goodies from entrees to juices. The total came to $71 with a savings of $194!!!!!!!!!!! Oh… my… God, how cool is that? It’s almost as cool as when I bought 40 articles of clothing at Ross for around $100. :)

We actually wiped the shelves clean. I have a bunch of Boca chicken patties and nuggets (which I LOVE) and eggplant cutlets but I can always stock up on more. I just wish I had a bigger freezeer! And we got a bunch of single-serve juices (all natural and 100% juice) for around $0.37 each, so we’ll try to stock up on those, too.

Before I put everything away I had to snap a shot of my mound of treasure! Hehehe!

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