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During the SCM Tailgate party last weekend, FSN and KDKA both came by (several times) to interview members, “infiltrators” like Matt, and our special guest, Louis Lipps.

This is one of the spots that aired on KDKA. Matt was definitely a target wearing his McNabb jersey. I love what Louis Lipps had to say about the “other side” of Steeler football. What an incredible experience to tailgate with one of the Steeler greats!

If you pay attention at the beginning you’ll see me in my Polamalu jersey. Yep, the back of my head is almost famous! : p

Click here for the SCM coverage on KDKA including my hubby and Louis Lipps!

Also, I just found another interview, this time of the Dons responsible for bringing together so many Steeler fans, Boss Hertzog and Boss Kennedy. These guys (and their awesome wives) give so much to make this organization happen. I love my SCM Family!! Sigh… I wish everyone weekend could be like this one. Can’t wait to see everyone again!!

Click here for Shawn and Jeff’s interview!

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