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Weekends are too short!!

August 4, 2008

Weekends go by too fast! At least this week and next week are only 4 DAY WORK WEEKS for me! Yeah!!!! We are leaving Thursday night for Pittsburgh for weekend full of football fun!! I’ve been sleeping in my Bettis jersey and dreaming about football every night and yet I still can’t believe that football season is here. It feels like it snuck up on me!

This past weekend was wonderful. Friday I went to church to meet up with Beth and photograph the service, but… brilliant me… I forgot to bring my memory cards! I live really close to the church so I could have made it back in no time but I didn’t want to walk in and disrupt anything. Maybe next time.

Saturday, Matt and I ran errands all around town. He bought more beer brewing supplies and is making Tunderbrau Raspberry Wheat this time! Yum!! And we finally did some grocery shopping like normal people! It was so nice to be home for a change!

Sunday we did something else that normal people who are home on the weekends do… we cleaned the house! It took all day because we did some serious reorganizing. We also worked out. Now if I could just add 3 or 4 more days to my workout schedule I might actually make some progress!!!

So all in all, a very quiet weekend, which was nice. With football season here we are going to get extremely busy again on the weekends. Not too many out of town trips planned after August, but I will be working some Jaguar events to raise money for the chorus and watching Steelers games with the clubs. Plus we have a huge pep rally for the Steelers/Jaguars game! Ah!!! I am so stoked!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I might just cry!