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A glitch in the system

September 28, 2008

Well, let me just say that my Sunday did not go as planned. : ) At least I had fun on Friday and Saturday because today was a bit stressful. Last night we wiped my computer clean (no biggie, we’ve done it before) and when we ran the recovery disk it kept freezing on one screen. After about 16 hours or so of trying to get this things to reboot we finally went to the Geek Squad. And of course, my laptop’s warranty expired about 3 weeks ago. Beautiful! LOL!

So I missed church this morning. I just had a huge sinus headache. We spent most of the day trying to get the computer up and organizing our office. We have a new setup that I think is going to work well. We just got Matt’s computer up and running again, so we needed to maximize our office space so we can work at the same time. He is generously letting me use his computer so I won’t get too behind on everything I have to do.

I can’t it’s Monday already! I’m sure this week is going to fly by as fast as my weekend did. Time to get some sleep. I don’t want to start the week tired! I did last week and I just ended up sick.

Have a great week everyone!! : )

Jacob’s Senior Pics

September 28, 2008

My third photo session yesterday was for Jacob’s Senior Pics. It was still hot, but we had a much better lighting situation and were able to get some great shots showing Jacob’s personality. He’s on the wrestling team, so he brought his letterman jacket. He also loves his motorcycle (which is so cool, you can see why) so he really wanted to do some photos with it.

It’s hard to pick a favorite because we got so many different shots. Here are a few faves:

When I found out Jacob wanted pics with his motorcycle, I immediately thought of a silouhette shot. We had a gorgeous sunset to work with and I hope he loves this pic as much as Matt and I do:

This was probably one of the easiest photo sessions I have ever done. Jacob had a great personality and the camera loves him. One other cool thing is that Jacob makes his own music so we are going to use that for his slideshow. I can’t wait to finish editing and put it all together!

Best wishes to Jacob for a memorable senior year!

Fight Night

September 27, 2008

Last night at Mayport Naval Station I finally got to see Nich and Lauren (my cousin Charron’s kids) in their karate class. It was such a blast! There were a lot of other things going on last night (Shine Unplugged at church, a photography studio grand opening, and two other couples who wanted to hang out) but I am so glad I got to hang out with family and watch my cousin’s amazing kids kick some butt in karate! I was very proud of them.

Lauren is a tough cookie. Although she’s very much a girl and has a cute pink room and is a Hannah Montana fan, she is really strong. Watching her fight she doesn’t seem to have any aggression or an attitude like she KNOWS she can kick butt. She was pretty much smiling and having a great time. I wonder if she even realizes how good she is?

Here are a couple of shots of Lauren (in the blue shirt) kicking butt. The girl looks like she is scared for her life and the little boy is seen blocking and trying to protect himself from what he knows is coming:

Lauren was impressive, but Nich took on TWO kids at one time! I have no idea what these kids would have done if they had to face him one-on-one because even with two of them he was putting them on the ground. Nich is testing for his purple belt next month and I think he is definitely ready!

I really love this phrase on the back of all the students’ t-shirts:

There were kids of all ages at Fight Night. Some of the younger ones were just hilarious! They were so dramatic when they got hit and made the cutest little comments. There were also some older kids that were testing for their brown belt and those matches got pretty interesting.

After Fight Night we went back to Charron’s house and Matt brought over some pizzas. We all watched the debate, but after hearing the same key points over and over again we found more entertaining things to do. Charron decided to dress up Peanut. Just to fill you in, Charron has some of the most hilarious pictures of her mom’s cat all dressed up. It is a lot of fun to dress animals up. She put a Steelers outfit on him and we were laughing so freaking hard (beer just makes everything funnier). Here are a couple pics:

Is that not the cutest little sports puppy you ever saw? I think he really liked the jersey. We are sooooo buying him one! He wasn’t too thrilled about the helmet, but he looked so cute while he had it on.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us still. We have three photo sessions today and one tomorrow. I also hope to wipe my computer clean tonight so that will take a nice chunk of time.

I’ll be back to blog later. Since I’ve been a bad blogger as of late I decided to add Twitter again so I can give some updates while I’m out living life! : )

Seasons Change

September 25, 2008

With all the tension in the world I just wanted to reflect on some positive things. I’m affirming that LIFE IS GOOD!! I wish I could help some of my friends believe the same. As much as I try to tell them to have faith I know that my words can only do so much.

We had such gorgeous weather here in North Florida today. While I was getting ready for work I heard on the radio that the temperature was in the 50s. The air was so cool and crisp. Sigh… I just LOVE fall! It put me in such a great mood for the whole day. We have the windows open now and the breeze is so amazing. It feels like October already! : ) Probably not too smart since I’ve been feeling like I’m on the verge of getting sick…

My plants are also loving the weather. They are showing signs of life again! My poor tomatoes were looking so pathetic. I’m really hoping these cooler temperatures will encourage them to produce some fruit. They just did NOT like temps in the upper 90s. I can’t say I blame them. I can’t believe how effortlessly my mom grows tomatoes up in Pittsburgh. She had probably hundreds of them and they were 2-3 times the size of what my plants produce. Of course, the soil up there is very rich and she’s near a stream which probably doesn’t hurt!

Looking at the next few weeks my life is going to be pretty insane. I’ve started a flex schedule at work so I will get out at 4pm. That should help somewhat with my time crunch. I don’t have a free weekend between now and mid-November between photography, football, and volunteering. We have a huge weekend of activities coming up the weekend after next with the Steelers game in Jacksonville. It’s gonna be INSANE! I’m disappointed that I can’t make it to more games this year, but I’ll try to make up for it next year. There is still a possibility of back-to-back football weekends in December, but we’ll see.

So not a whole lot of exciting things to report right now, but I’m feeling a bit lovey and sentimental. Cool weather always makes me feel très nostalgique. I am looking forward to a busy but very fun weekend!

In parting, I leave you with this creepy little guy I found when I was down in St. Augustine a few weeks ago. I am both terrified of and fascinated by spiders. Ick!

Tonight we met up with the IDC (the International Dinner Club), which is a group of Matt’s friends who get together every month to explore different international cuisines around Jacksonville. This month we went to Pisco’s on the Southside. I had never had Peruvian food before (except for some dessert thing Adriana brought in to work once) so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The food was very good and there was A LOT of it. One plate could have easily been enough for 2-3 people. My dinner tasted somewhat like curry chicken and Matt had a Peruvian stir-fry with seafood. I probably should have tried the ceviche (which almost everyone else in the restaurant ordered) but they had so much on the menu that I honestly couldn’t decide.

I definitely recommend going for the food and the friendly service, but be warned that the music is pretty annoying. They kept playing music videos over and over of the same two chicks and we all were about to go nuts. : ) Here is one of the videos we had to watch (make sure you pause the music player down at the bottomm of the blog before playing the video):

I like a lot of different kinds of music, but I just didn’t get it. This older guy working at the restaurant was totally into it, too. I didn’t even think her voice was pretty, but I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

Next month we are supposed to go to a Pakistani restaurant, which I am definitely looking forward to! It was nice to see everyone again, too. With all of my travel over the summer and being glued to my computer every night during the week I feel like I haven’t had time for any fun!

Happy Birthday Peanut!

September 21, 2008

I can’t believe my little baby is one year old today! We didn’t have a puppy birthday party, but we did take Peanut out to PetSmart to get a new harness and leash and choose his own birthday present. He got a very cute brown and green polka dot harness and leash and a two-headed snake (so he and Taz can play tug-of-war). They also got new treats, which I’m sure was what they enjoyed most. It’s fun to take the puppies shopping. They like seeing other people and puppies and they especially love getting new toys.

Happy Birthday Mr. Wiggles!

That sweet little face makes my heart melt!

Some of the toys are bigger than Peanut! :)

Taz was salivating over this plush frog…

The two-headed snake seemed to be the favorite!

Adriana & Jorge are married!!

September 20, 2008

Last Sunday at a very intimate ceremony in a beautiful garden, my friend Adriana and her new hubby Jorge said “I do!” I am so excited for these two because they are so obviously made for each other. I don’t always cry at weddings and I never really know when I will and when I won’t, but the moment I saw Adriana and her father start down the aisle the tears started falling. Throughout the ceremony there were butterflies flying all around and it was so beautiful.

I didn’t photograph the wedding but I did snap a few pics (you knew I had to or else I may forget something). My friends Beth and Stephanie shot the wedding and their pics are breathtaking!! Stephanie has a few posted up and will hopefully post more soon (check out her blog on my list of Blogger Buddies).

The bride and groom are on their honeymoon and I am so anxious for Adriana to get back to work. I missed her singing in the office all the time. It was waaaaaaaay too quiet this week! : )

The place where it all began…

September 15, 2008

This weekend I had the privilege of photographing newlyweds Heather and Brian at Memorial Park in Riverside. The park has a very special place in their hearts because it is the place where they met and where Brian proposed!

What I love about looking at these photos is seeing the way they look at each other. While shooting, there was so much focus on lighting and angles and did someone blink or did that gust of wind just blow hair in someone’s face, but while all of that way going on they were just being themselves… being very much in love! Somehow I get the feeling that in 60 years they will still look at each other with loving eyes.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Congratulations Tracy & David!

September 13, 2008

All last week Stephanie and I were praying like crazy for Tracy & David’s wedding day to be beautiful. With Hurricane Hanna Montana heading toward South Carolina, we knew we needed something stronger to make things possible. I’m sure many others were praying as well, and on the morning of the wedding we woke up to the bluest skies you could ever ask for! I am so happy that the day was blessed with beautiful weather, as this relationship was so deserving of a perfect start.

The wedding took place just before sunset at Tracy’s aunt and uncle’s house. The setting was very intimate with the ceremony taking place on a small island on a lake behind the house. The night before and all day everyone was helping to decorate and cook and run errands. There was such a feeling of togetherness that I wished I had grown up in this town and in such a warm and loving family.

Here are a few pics from the big day (and a slideshow at the end). Best wishes to Tracy and David in their new life together! : )

September 1, 2008

I am so excited to announce the launch of my new website:

I wanted to give my website a facelift and in the process I decided that I should give it a new name along with its new look. It all came together relatively quickly (thank God for holiday weekends). I’ve spent the past few nights staying up til 4 and 5am working on everything and I’m very excited about how it turned out. Please stop by and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to update your bookmarks to include among your favorites!