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Happy New Year!!

January 2, 2009

Looking back on 2008, I have to say it was a great year! So many exciting things happened…

I got married!
I got my Peanut!
I finally finished my Masters!
I got a promotion at work!
And I started my own company!
(not in this order)

Wow, I have been a busy girl! The year flew by and I didn’t even realize just how much I had done in 2008. I was actually hoping that in 2009 I would get to travel more, but when I look at the past 12 months I have been to so many places…

Miami, FL * Orlando, FL * Tampa, FL * St. Augustine, FL * Tallahassee, FL * Sarasota, FL * Sebring, FL * Ocho Rios, Jamaica * Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands * New Orleans, LA * Abita Springs, LA * San Diego, CA * Los Angeles, CA * Temecula, CA * Pittsburgh, PA * Latrobe, PA * New York, NY * Middletown, CT * Kalamazoo, MI * Albany, NY * Saratoga Springs, NY * Lancaster, SC * Charleston, SC * Buffalo, NY * Rochester, NY * Williamsburg, VA * Savannah, GA

I’m already scheduled to go back to many of the locations listed above in 2009 and I hope to add quite a few others! I can just tell this is going to be an exciting year. I have been blessed already with so many wonderful opportunities and I am so eager for all of them to happen!!

This year, I want to be more centered as a person, so I am hoping to focus on becoming a better “Me” – mind, body, and soul.

The biggest task for the Mind goal is to become more organized. Sometimes my workspace feels like a distraction because it’s not as organized as I would like. It’s just very busy, as is my house in general. Despite donating bags upon bags of clothing and other things, we still have A LOT of STUFF! I guess that is what happens when two people move in together. We have more stuff than we have space, even with 3 bedrooms to ourselves!

I am going to treat my body better! I want to look better and feel better physically, which will definitely help also with the Mind and Soul goals. I’m joining up in a Biggest Loser contest at work and start my Jenny Craig consultations again tomorrow. I really miss the ladies at JC. They were so positive and fabulous, but the program is a little expensive. But… considering how much I eat out because I don’t have time to plan meals, it’s going to cost a lot less in the long run!

One big goal I have is to go to church more often! Sometimes I can’t help it because I’m just out of town so much, but when I’m in town I need to suck it up and not sleep in on Sundays. Sometimes it’s such a challenge because it’s usually the one day I can sleep in, but I can live without that extra hour of sleep! What I can’t live without is the power of His word!

I also just want to take more personal time in general. I’m insanely busy… always working… but I need to take more time to hang out with friends and have a date night with my hubby. Too many times this year I’ve had to decline to hang out with people, so I am going to MAKE time for my friends!

New Year’s Day was a very interesting, but very fun, day. We made our way back from our holiday travel and stopped along the way in Williamsburg. We did a tasting at the Williamsburg Winery and had a light snack at the tavern. We definitely need to have a wine and cheese party soon!

Despite having on one of his adorable little sweaters, Peanut was freezing as we walked around! So Matt stuck him in his jacket. So cute!

We stayed longer than expected in Williamsburg (thanks in part to Ye Olde Speed Trappe) and knew we weren’t going to make it back to Jax before midnight. So we made a stop in Savannah and counted down to 2009 in Market Square. We’ve been talking about going to Savannah for New Year’s, so we finally did and only spent $15 for parking and beer! Nice!

I look forward to sharing all of the adventures of 2009 year with you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

3 Responses to “Happy New Year!!”

  1. Brittania Garden Photoart says:

    Happy New Year!

  2. Steph says:

    Happy New Year Friend… I am glad we have had the chance to spend as much time as we have this year together! You have been a God send to me and I pour abundant blessings over you and Matt this year! Love ya girl… S.

  3. Darice Michelle says:

    Congratulations Gwendolyn! You guys looked like you had so much fun! Thanks for sending some of your love my way… let me do the same by inviting you to my all Raw Food party on Feb 26th in Julington Creek Plantation. I would love to meet you too! Your hubby is invited as well!!! : )

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