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Cabin Sweet Cabin

March 11, 2009

Since all I could do during my tonsillectomy recovery was sit around and be lazy, Matt and I decided to take off to North Georgia to stay in a cabin for a relaxing weekend. As it turned out it was better to use my vacation for my surgery, so we turned it into an actual vacation!

We had been talking about renting a cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains for, I don’t know… at least a year? We have even made reservations but had to cancel them for different reasons. Several cabin rental companies had special deals for a free night with the purchase of two, so we jumped on it and had one of the best vacations ever!

Our sweet little cabin sat on top of a mountain in Ellijay, GA (about an hour from Atlanta). Even though the area had plenty of convenient shopping, we felt so far away from it all in our little cabin. We enjoyed just hanging out with our puppies, sitting in the hot tub, cooking dinner, and watching Food Network all night. It was such a laid back time!

On Friday, we went to do a little exploring. We made our way over to Amicalola Falls, just one of the many falls in the area (and the tallest East of the Mississippi, so we are told).

I thought this log was cool because it looked like it had a whole in the shape of a heart in it. Matt disagrees. What do you think?

After viewing the falls, we ventured onward to do some wine tasting. Our first (and final) stop was Montaluce Winery & Estates. We were so impressed with their wine selection that we didn’t go anywhere else! I wasn’t sure what to expect from a winery in Georgia, but Montaluce has a large selection of beautiful Italian and other European wines. They are building an entire community around this gorgeous winery and all the homes look like villas in Tuscany. It’s absolutely precious! We definitely plan to go back whenever we are in the area (about an hour or less from Atlanta).

On Saturday we had a bit of drama with a flat tire. : ( After struggling to find a place that was OPEN and sold tires, we finally found a place just before they closed. Once we had our new tire on, we hit a local BBQ place and grabbed some ribs and went back to the cabin. I am not a big fan of ribs, but we watched Food Network the night before and they were showcasing BBQ joints throughout the country, so we had to have some. These ribs were DELICIOUS!! They had a nice pepper rub on them and had a kick!

We look forward to heading back up to the mountains again soon! If anyone is curious, we went through Sliding Rock Cabins for our rental. They were very accomodating and didn’t charge anything additional for pets. I’m hoping to get a group of people together to go back up there, perhaps next fall!

6 Responses to “Cabin Sweet Cabin”

  1. Ginger Dupre says:

    Ohhhhhhh, I just love this! I so want to move back to a state with mountains one day. It looks like ya’ll had a great time. The pictures are great too. Cant wait to hear all about it tomorrow. Oh and sorry Matt, I have to agree with Gwen that the hole in the log looks like a heart!

  2. Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography says:

    Thanks for gettin’ my back Ginger! Matt said it looked like a kidney. Isn’t he romantic?! LOL!

    One day we have to do a PUG retreat in the mountains!! Matt and I kept talking about how fun it would be to get everyone together up there!

  3. Christopher says:

    I have lived in Georgia for 9 years and have never been to Blue Ridge. I think it is times ot go based on your post!

  4. Corinna Hoffman Photography says:

    Awesome! :)

  5. Mike says:

    durka durka

  6. Nan & Sal says:

    That looks so fun, I hope we are able to go!

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