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Henna Bellies!

April 30, 2009

Last night I was so excited to experience Lily getting her belly decorated with henna! Lily and I did her maternity photos a couple months ago and for this part of her pregnancy she wanted to do something different. I suggested the henna belly idea to her (thinking please, please, PLEASE do it! It would be so cool!!!) and she loved the idea! It was such a beautiful, magical experience watching her celebrate her pregnancy with the beautiful artwork of my new friend, the very talented Faythe Mesic! Faythe is also an expectant mother, and watching the two mommies-to-be have such a personal exchange and bonding over their pregnancies in itself was a beautiful thing!

I really wish I could be here this weekend to celebrate at Lily’s baby shower, but I’m so glad that she invited me over for her henna party! It really was an incredible thing to witness and so nice to spend some time with two very amazing women, Lily and Faythe! And I can’t forget daddy-to-be, Mike. It was nice seeing him, too! : )

If you are pregnant or know someone who is expecting, this is a wonderful way to artistically celebrate the beauty of pregnancy! Faythe also does belly casting, which is such a creative way to document pregnancy. You can find out more information on the Blessing Bellies website.

For Faythe’s make up artist services, visit

Now for photos!! I’m still so giddy over how cute Lily’s little belly is all decorated up! Congratulations, and we can’t wait to see little baby Zoey! : )

3 Responses to “Henna Bellies!”

  1. Lenara Funk says:

    I love the henna paintings!! Faythe is an awsome artist!!
    I will definitely get the henna belly on my next pregnancy!! lol…
    Gwen.. I think it is so nice of you to promote the work of other artists. I will definitely recommend Faythe’s work to anyone expecting…

  2. Cathy Crawley says:

    That is awesome! Poo on the belly! Cute.

  3. pink coffee photoart says:

    So funky and fun! I just love it!!

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