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I can’t belive that tomorrow is June 1st!! It seems like yesterday everyone was excited about spring, but it has flown by so quickly!

Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography has a lot going on this summer, starting with 7 weddings in June! Whoa! At the end of June I’ll be taking off to Southern California for a week and look forward to shooting some photos on the West Coast and meeting up with friends! Oh, and Matt and I are definitely looking forward to a trip to Temecula for some wine tasting and having as much guacamole and lobster tacos as we can on our trip! We’ll be spending most of the week in San Diego and then heading up to San Bernardino and LA for a couple of days before coming back home on July 4th.

In July I’m hoping to get out of the heat and head north (haven’t figured out where yet). I’m planning on going to Pittsburgh in August, but it’s possible I will go in July and make my way up to DC along the way. Still working on those plans.

AND I just found out that in August we are heading to Washington state! I’m looking forward to finally taking in all the beauty of the mountains, tasting Washington’s wines, and eating fresh fish every day!

Who knows where else I will end up this summer! I’m also looking forward to some portrait sessions this summer, so if you haven’t booked your senior photos or engagement session contact me soon before my dates in Jacksonville fill up! I will be adding a limited number of sessions while I am on the road, so contact me at about availability.

UPDATE: Can we add VEGAS to the list? Oh, yes we can! Looks like I may be heading out to Vegas for a photography workshop. Would love to do a shoot while I’m out there! Freaking Vegas, baby!

I love how Facebook can bring complete strangers together! I met Alexandra Walker of Elle Photography through Facebook. I’m not even sure how she found me, but we’ve commented on each other’s photos, status updates – you know, become “Facebook friends.” When she asked me about doing her headshots for her new website (coming soon), I was like “Sure!” It’s always fun hanging out with another photographer and, oh yeah, she also happens to be absolutely gorgeous!

We had such a fun time on Friday afternoon. Before meeting up with Alexandra, I had lunch with my friend and fellow photog Steph Owens and she came along to shoot with me. It was just a fun day hanging out with the girls. Alexandra TOTALLY worked the camera! She was just cute and playful and needed very little direction.

I have so much fun shooting weddings and portraits, but I rarely take an afternoon just to shoot “for fun.” Sometimes groups of us photographers will get together and have a fun shoot, but we don’t do it nearly enough. I had such a great time with these gals and hope to do it again soon!

Here are some of Alexandra’s super hot photos:

We have been so anxious about this wedding! We’ve gotten to know Beth & Mark pretty well over the past few months and just can’t get enough of them! They are so much fun to be around that we had TWO engagement sessions with them! We shot their first engagement session at the Jacksonville Zoo, where they were married this past weekend. Then on Valentine’s weekend we headed out to Destin where Mark is currently stationed for a playful, romantic shoot on the beach! Seeing them together, it is undeniable that they are very deeply in love with one another!

Before the ceremony, Beth & Mark decided to do a “first look” in the new Asian Gardens at the zoo. A lot of couples don’t want to see one another until the bride walks down the aisle, and I can respect tradition, but I think a first look is so much more personal and intimate. It’s much more relaxed and you can really take in the moment because you don’t have an audience there (except for two super awesome photographers capturing the moment! LOL!). I love the series of first look photos below. Beth waited among the bamboo, peeking out to see when Mark was in place. Mark waited on the bridge with his backed turned away. Beth walked down the path (heart racing with anticipation, I’m sure) up to the bridge and slowly creeped over to Mark. She hesitated a moment, perhaps to catch her breath because her heart stopped beating, and gently touched Mark on the back. Then you see Mark’s face light up with a warm smile as he turns around to see his bride. Sigh… it’s so sweet and romantic because it’s just about the bride and groom!

The ceremony took place at sunset. All of the guests boarded the train to head over to the ceremony site. There two peacocks wandering around, as if they knew a wedding was about to take place. There were comments about the peacocks being part of the ceremony and how cool it would be if they stayed around for it. In the middle of the ceremony, as Beth & Mark were saying their vows, the two peacocks strolled right behind them. You couldn’t have timed it better if they were trained! It was quite a sight!

Following the ceremony, guests were entertained with carousel rides and a visit with the giraffes! How many people can say they had a carousel and giraffes at their wedding?! This was definitely unique! The evening concluded with a beautiful reception near the Jaguar exhibit. It was a magical evening, and I’m sure one that Beth & Mark and all of their friends and family will never forget! I think this wedding at the Jacksonville Zoo might just be my favorite one yet! It will be hard to top!!

Congratulations, Beth & Mark! We know you will be very happy together and will be filled with love and laughter throughout your lives! We will miss you when you move to Spain! I think we may need to come visit you… ; )

On the picturesque campus of the University of Richmond, Kuri & George met and fell in love. This past weekend, they returned to share their vows in front of family and friends at the place that is so special in their hearts.

The ceremony was held in the charming, historic Cannon Memorial Chapel on campus. It was stunning with the sun shining through the stained glass windows and the large pipe organ behind the bride and groom.

It was really hard to decide which photos to post for their sneak peak because it was such a beautiful wedding!

Kuri & George, thank you so much for trusting us to capture this important day in your lives! We’ve enjoyed getting to know you both and wish you much love, happiness, and success in your new life together!

The first time Amanda & I had a chance to talk about her engagement and wedding photography, we agreed it had to be unique and colorful. With the fair in town, it was the perfect location for their engagement session at the fair! A month later, Amanda & Chris were married at their church not far from where the fairgrounds are located. Amanda’s dress was classic with a gorgeous long train perfect for a church wedding!

Even though Amanda & Chris had a more traditional ceremony, the reception was definitely a reflection of their colorful and outgoing personalities! Amanda’s love of gerber daisies became the theme and the decor was vibrant and full of spring! The wedding was coordinated by Alpha & Omega Event Consultants, who Amanda & Chris actually introduced me to.

The most eventful part of the evening was the cake cutting. Everything was going nicely. They held hands as they cut the cake. They fed pieces to each other, keeping in mind the agreement they had not to smash the cake in each other’s faces. The next thing you know Amanda smashes the cake in Chris’s face and bolts out the door! Chris reaches his hand into the cake, grabs a handful and chases after her. When we next see them, their faces are covered in cake!!! It instantly became the new “Best Cake Cutting Ever” in my book! It topped previous smashings of cake in the face and even topped the previous week’s cake cutting by samurai sword!

Here I thought we knew the story. It looked like Amanda was the one who initiated the cake fight, but photographic evidence points to the contrary! Chris tipped the cake onto Amanda’s nose, just getting a little icing on her. Then it was ON! Any couple who has a cake fight and is still smiling in the end is definitely going to have much happiness in their lives!

Amanda & Chris, we’re so happy for you both! Congratulations!!

Adorn Yourself!

May 19, 2009

One of my 2010 brides just sent me a link to a fabulous website: Adorn Brides allows you to rent thousands of dollars in diamond jewlery for your special day. As the website points out, celebrities have been renting jewelry for special events for years. Why not make the same concept available to brides on their special day?

I love this idea! It reminds me of the movie “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” where Kate Hudson is wearing that stunning necklace for the evening. We spend hundreds of dollars on a dress we are only going to wear once (unless you schedule a session with me after the wedding LOL!) so why not compliment it with jewelry that will make you feel like a princess?!

Just take a look at the website. I’ve been browsing through it, drooling over some of the pieces… like the sapphire and diamond Beckford Necklace (retail $45,000). Stunning!!

Thanks Shannon for sharing this information!

I’m so excited about sharing images from the wedding we shot last weekend! When we first met Symphony & Julio, we instantly hit it off. They have been so sweet and invited us to dinner at their house, out to karaoke, to Symphony’s bachelorette party – they are already more like friends than clients! So we couldn’t wait to see these two tie the knot, but we also were excited about their Asian inspired wedding theme!

The wedding was coordinated by Alpha & Omega Event Consultants. We actually connected with them through one of our brides (Amanda, whose wedding is THIS WEEKEND!! YAY!). We love referrals and are so excited to be working with Alpha & Omega, especially after seeing them in action at Symphony & Julio’s wedding.

I’m pretty sure we will never see another wedding quite like this one. Symphony & Julio are a fun, unique, quirky couple. If one thing stands out in my mind about their wedding, it would have to be the cake cutting. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Herrera cut their wedding cake with a SAMURAI SWORD!! It was definitely a site to see!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the event. I just want to take a moment to recognize my second shooter, business partner, and wonderful hubby Matt, who shot several of the images below. He continues to grow as a photographer and I’m so happy to have him by my side at these beautiful weddings!

Congrats, Symphony & Julio! Let’s get together soon! : )

When I met Ambika last week in the Boston Commons, I was so in awe of her charm and her beauty. She is a dancer and a choreographer, elegant and poised. Her heart is very genuine and kind, and I imagine that there is never a moment when she isn’t smiling! It wasn’t long into her portrait session before she said “You are so easy to work with!” I giggled because she took the words right out of my mouth! I would barely have to explain to her the pose I was looking for before she had achieved it perfectly. All I had to do was snap away…

Manish, Ambika’s fiance, met up with us later and I was surprised to find that he was just as easy to photograph. He’s suave and has a subtle confidence that shines through in his photos. What’s more is that he clearly adores Ambika. It was so heartwarming the way that he held her hand so delicately as they walked along the pathways in the park and the garden. They laughed together and at times Ambika would just throw her arms around her sweetheart and squeeze him like a child’s favorite teddy bear. They were just so cute together!

The next day, I ended up going back up to Boston to see them again (even though I was staying an hour and a half away and was exhausted from my busy trip). We had so much fun that the hours passed by much too fast. I only wish Matt could have been there, too. He and Manish definitely would have hit it off. They are alike in so many ways! We are so excited we’ll be able to see Ambika this week during her trip to Savannah. Soon I hope Manish and Matt will be able to meet as well!

Congrats, Ambika & Manish! Thank you so much for your hospitality during my trip to Boston! I had a great time with you both and look forward to seeing you again! : )

Wow! My head is spinning a bit from the past week and all that happened. I was always on the go, but it really was so much fun! Not too many pictures. We brought our cameras but honestly we were so busy we didn’t even use them! I’ll include the few shots I got with my iphone. : )

We got in to Hartford late on Friday evening. Saturday we spent the day with Matt’s parents and did our customary trip to Lenny & Joe’s (yummy little seafood place in Westbrook) and then went to a baseball game.

Sunday we headed down to NYC to meet up with Kuri & George, who are getting married later this month at the University of Richmond. They booked with us after just a meeting over the phone, so we were really excited to finally meet them in person! They are so laid back and down to earth! We went out to dinner and a cute little tapas place close their place and had a great time chatting with them over sangria! Sadly, the rainy weather wasn’t favorable for a photo shoot, but it seemed to work out better. We got to just hang out with them and have great conversation!

On Monday, Matt went to the air museum with his dad while I began the rest of my trip on my own. Matt flew out Monday evening and I stayed behind to visit with some other people. My first stop was in Salem to visit with Katie Ring, a fellow photog who actually is one of Matt’s college friends. We went to her new favorite sushi place, Okea. Very good sushi at insanely cheap prices. I can’t even begin to tell you how jealous I am that she gets to eat there every week! And on top of that she has a gorgeous condo overlooking the harbor where she can sit on the porch and breathe in the salty ocean air. I can’t wait to go up there again for a visit, next time with Matt so we can all go out and do touristy things!

After lunch with Katie, I headed to Boston to meet up with Ambika for some headshots. Ambika is a beautiful young choreographer with an Indian dance company and before even meeting her I could tell she was going to be a fun, energetic person to work with! Later, her fiance Manish met up with us and we did some engagement photos! I promise to post some of those phots very soon!

After having a fun photo shoot with Ambika & Manish, I drove down to Newport, RI to check into a bed and breakfast I made a reservation with. I won’t get into much detail, but my GPS sent me on an adventure that put me way past Newport and expected me to get on a ferry at 10pm! Yeah, the ferry was NOT operating as you can well imagine! I finally got to the B&B thanks to the help of the wonderful innkeeper. When I arrived she put a pot of hot water on so I could have a cup of tea and relax before bed. The B&B was called the Artful Lodger and they were very friendly. My room was small and cozy and comfortable. : )

(Pretty tree with falling blossoms outside of the B&B)

Tuesday morning, I woke up early and had breakfast at the inn. The breakfast room was on the 3rd floor and had windows overlooking downtown. It was such a peaceful way to start the morning! After breakfast I headed out to meet up with Jennifer of Zenobia Studios to chat and discuss her upcoming boudoir workshop in Jacksonville. I saw some of her wonderful boudoir work on her blog and suggested that she come down here to do a workshop. She does workshops for local photogs and for students at the Rhode Island School of Design on boudoir and is just so talented! She also happens to be super GORGEOUS! I’m looking forward to the announcement of her 2 day workshop that will help photographers in Jacksonville with all they need to get started in boudoir!

After a wonderful meeting with Jennifer, I briefly headed to the Newport Winery for some wine tasting. I ended up buying a bottle of their award-winning Riesling and got the complimentary bottle of wine offered by my B&B. I was disappointed with their red wines, but the Riesling was definitely worthy of the awards it has won. Very yummy and Riesling is one of Matt’s favorites!

Following the winery visit, I headed BACK to Boston to meet up with Ambika & Manish again! They invited me to come back up and go to dinner with them and we did a few more photos at Prudential Center and then grabbed dinner at PF Chang’s. We had so much fun chatting the night away that we didn’t realize it was after 10pm! Time flies when you’re in good company. I had to drive all the way back to Newport and be up early to head to New Haven in the morning, but before leaving I made plans with Ambika to meet up with her when she comes to Savannah next week! Sadly, Manish won’t be there but Matt is excited to meet Ambika. I couldn’t stop talking about her to Matt! She’s just such a doll!

On Wednesday, the final day of my trip, I made my way down to New Haven for brunch and a mentor session with the fabulous Justin & Mary Marantz! I won the mentor session through an auction for Thirst Relief International, an organization that brings clean water to thousands of families in need. Several amazing photographers were offering mentor sessions to raise money for this incredible organization, and I was so excited to have an opportunity to both donate to a very good cause and meet two people I so admire! They are my absolute favorite photographers, not only because their work is just gorgeous and so intimate but also because they are wonderful people. They share so much of their knowledge already with fellow photographers and they also support wonderful charities. They are the founders of Portrait House, a collaboration of photographers who donate a portion of their portrait fees to Habitat For Humanity. I just adore all the wonderful, positive things that they are doing for people through their photography and their charity work!

After a wonderful brunch and a chat about life and business, we strolled around the Yale campus and Justin & Mary took some headshots of me. It was so different being on the other side of the camera, but it was great to see how they team up together on a shoot. I also observed first hand how they make a client feel more comfortable during a shoot. I couldn’t help but giggle as people watching us wondered what on earth we were doing! Haha! Now I know how my clients must feel!

I’ll have more to share from my trip soon. I just couldn’t wait to give everyone a summary of my super fun and busy week! Thank you to everyone that I met up with on the trip. All the places I visited were definitely enhanced by the company I was with! Hugs to all of you from Florida! I hope to see you in my part of the country sometime! : )

From May 1-6 I will be out of town, visiting with family, meeting with fellow photographers, and shooting all over the Northeast. You know what that means… lots of fun blogs coming up very soon! Stay tuned for photos from my trip, which includes stops in Connecticut, New York City, Boston, and Newport, RI!