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We just got home 7 hours ago from shooting Mika & Jonathan’s beautiful Atlanta wedding! After meeting up with them for their engagement session at Clark Atlanta University we have been so anxious for their wedding day to arrive! You can’t be in their presence and NOT smile because they are just so warm and friendly! All of their wedding guests were also wonderful! It was such a happy, intimate occasion with everyone showing their support and love for them!

The Emory Conference Center hotel is a great venue for a wedding because there are so many options. Mika & Jonathan’s ceremony was held in the Garden Overlook room, which is a gorgeous room with windows from the ground to the ceiling. Matt & I saw it and I think we drooled. It was just stunning, especially with the view of the garden! The reception was full of laughter and love. Great music and lots of dancing = lots of fun photos! But what I will remember most is how Jonathan said that 11am could not come soon enough because he could not wait to marry Mika! Aw!!! They are so in love. It’s just undeniable!! And we love couples in love! : )

The event was coordinated by Cheryl of Exquisite Events Atlanta and we might just have to kidnap her because she was such a pleasure to work with!

There’s so many more images I would love to blog, but it’s after 6am and time for bed! Congratulations Mika & Jonathan! Matt & I hope that you will always be as much in love as you are today! Have a wonderful time in Puerto Rico!


11 Responses to “Mika & Jonathan | Wedding at the Emory Conference Center Hotel | Atlanta Wedding Photography”

  1. Christy Lynn says:

    Simply stunning! She was such a beautiful bride!

  2. Curtis Copeland says:

    Great photography. you really captured the beauty and splendor of Mika and Jonathan's wedding. Nice work!

  3. Jennifer Doumato Lamy says:

    AMAZING shots!!! Love the ring shot!

  4. Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography says:

    Thanks everyone! I may have to start uploading slideshows because there are so many more images I want to share after this whole event is edited. I'm sad it's over but can't wait to share all of the photos with Mika & Jonathan and all their guests!

  5. Erica Kree says:

    Beautiful shots & a gorgeous wedding!
    I love the shot at the ceremony with thoses huge windows…wow!

  6. CThomas says:

    The pictures of Mika & Jonathan are simply stunning. She's a beautiful bride and he's a handsome groom. For those family members who couldn't attend, the pics make you feel like you were there. Awesome. Your cousin..Charise

  7. Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography says:

    Oh Charise I am so happy to hear that! We really hope we captured the essence of their big day! Stay tuned for their slideshow, which will have even more photos and bring the story together! : )

  8. Amanda says:

    great wedding photos!

  9. Shanika says:

    The pictures are breath taking!!! It makes me want to do it all over again, just for the moments like this.

  10. Administrator says:

    Thanks Shanika & Amanda! I was just showing my mom their slideshow the other night because I’m visiting her in Pennsylvania. She was so in awe of how beautiful their wedding was! I love looking at their photos over and over again. : )

  11. Dr. Barbara says:

    This is one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended, sheer elegance.

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