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Happy Birthday To Bebe!!

June 26, 2009

Today is Matt’s birthday! He is… _ _ years old. Still younger than me, but he’s starting to get old! : p

And do you know how awesome my hubby is?? He’s working on his birthday. What better way to celebrate than at a wedding? There’s music, cake, and fun people! We are usually pretty low key when it comes to celebrating birthdays and holidays (usually cooking dinner together at home, drinking some wine and enjoying a movie). We have a small get-together planned for tomorrow. It was just going to be a double date with one of our May couples to see Transformers but it has turned into a quadruple date (at last count) with everyone coming over for dinner and dessert at our place before the movie. Yeah, you might have guessed that the movie was birthday boy’s pick. I will sit through it for him (and for a bag of popcorn)! : )

I’m so lucky to have Matt. He always makes me laugh and is so supportive of the photography business. Tonight (and before every shoot) he cleaned all the lenses, charged all our batteries, and packed up the bags. He always checks to see which lenses I want in my bag. He probably doesn’t know this, but I think it’s really cute that he does all of that! I’m soooo glad that he is interested and photography (and so naturally good at it). Before I would think about him and miss him at every wedding and now I can’t imagine shooting one without him!

We’re heading to California for a week, so finally we’ll have some time to ourselves to just enjoy life. June was a VERY BUSY month, so we really need some time to kick back, do some wine tasting, grub on some killer Mexican food like only the West Coast can offer, and take in those beautiful sunsets on the rocky California coastline!

Can’t wait to start celebrating my bebe’s birthday! I love you!!! : x

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Bebe!!”

  1. Christy Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday to your husband! I always like to hear about the spouses, I've got a really cool one myself. He helps me so much!

    Enjoy California, you deserve it! I want to see lots of photos! Be sure and take your tripod for photos of y'all together, I always forget that! :)

  2. Erica Kree says:

    Enjoy your vacation!! You guys sound like such a sweet couple :)
    Happy Birthday Matt!!!

  3. Matt says:

    Bebe! That was such an amazing blog post. Thank you so much. I certainly didn't mind working yesterday because what else would I want to do besides spend it with you? I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun today and this coming week. LOVE YOU!

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