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We had the pleasure of shooting Dani & Rob’s wedding at the Jacksonville Garden Club back on June 26th. Dani is a gorgeous and super-smart nursing student and Rob is a brave crewmember on an Army helicopter. It’s easy to see the love and affection that they both have for each other and when we first met them, we could tell how happy and excited they were for their big day.

For anyone who hasn’t been there, the Jacksonville Garden Club is located on the St John’s River in Riverside. The ceremony was originally supposed to take place outside, but a huge storm rolled through Jacksonville right at that time, including some water spouts (tornadoes on the water) right down the river from us. Everyone hoped the weather would pass but eventually the wedding was moved inside.

This didn’t stop Dani and Rob from having a gorgeous ceremony with candlelight and their friends and family all around them. Dani was such a gorgeous bride (love, love, LOVE her ivory dress!!!) and Rob looked so handsome in his Army uniform. Even with the bad weather outside, Dani and Rob managed to exude the love and happiness that their joining was all about. Makes me think of the lyrics “I’m gonna love you like nobody’s loved you come rain or come shine.” Even rain couldn’t take away the joy from this blessed day!

The rest of the night was a blast with lots of food, drink, and dancing for the couple and their guests. DeLand Entertainment helped keep the party going all night and Dani & Rob even took to the stage at one point to help lead everyone in “YMCA”. Definitely the best DJs we have ever had the pleasure of working with. They totally rocked the house!

Words really can’t express how much Dani & Rob love one another. In fact, I am going to admit that even photos can’t tell the whole story. Forunately, we captured some video throughout the day to bring the story together. To show just how fun-loving this pair of lovebirds truly is, you have to see this crazy cake cutting!! Just too cute!! Please don’t mind my shaky camera work. I was laughing too hard!


Now THAT is love! It’s “I’ll still love you when you have food all smashed up in your face” kind of love!

The night ended with a very sweet and tender moment for Dani & Rob, as the DJ’s ushered everyone outside (including us) to allow Dani and Rob to have the entire hall to themselves for one last dance. They then came outside to bubbles and cheers, driving off as husband and wife.

To a very sweet and beautiful couple, we say congratulations and thank you for letting us capture your special day! Best wishes, Dani & Rob!

Dani said she wanted a lot of photos in black and white. With so many vibrant colors in her wedding it’s hard not to post them all in color, but sometimes black and white is so timeless. These shots really begged to be in B&W:

And now back to COLOR! We had so much fun with Dani & Rob’s beautiful rings that we had to include another favorite ring shot:

This was the last dance of the evening. We captured a couple photos of Dani & Rob’s last dance before joining the guests and staff outside for their exit. For the last song of the evening, Dani & Rob got to enjoy their wedding at the Jacksonville Garden Club in a moment all to themselves:

4 Responses to “Dani & Rob | Wedding at the Jacksonville Garden Club | Jacksonville Wedding Photographer”

  1. Christy Lynn says:

    Gwen, these are gorgeous! I love that you got a shot of his uniform, never seen that before. Beautiful!

  2. Matt says:

    They were such a beautiful and nice couple. I love her "victory" arm-raise…always love when the bride does that. Just screams "he's mine for good now!".

    Love how the ring shot came out. And the soul line was awesome!

  3. Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography says:

    Thanks Christy Lynn! Matt did all the details of his uniform. Such beautiful details!

    LOL Matt, Dani was definitely cute. Such a doll! The hour before the wedding was so stressful with the rain and the delay. In the end the important thing is that she married her honey. I'm sure she was so thrilled at that happy moment!

  4. Corinna Hoffman Photography says:

    What a very photogenic couple! The bride is simply gorgeous :)

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