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Vegan Bride

July 21, 2009

Before our trip to California I started talking to the beautiful Candida, a bride-to-be and owner of Earth Cafe. After her father refused to help pay for her wedding if she insisted on only serving a vegan menu, Candida and her fiance decided to boldly stick to their values and find a way to have their dream wedding on their own!

In the process of planning her own wedding, Candida decided to share her journey of planning a vegan wedding with other vegan brides. And thus, the Vegan Bride website was born! The rest of the website is still a work in progress as she researches information and resources but the blog part of the website is LIVE! I’m so thrilled for the potential of this website and the support and information it will provide other vegans who are planning their dream wedding and dealing with the same frustrations that Candida is facing! If you are a wedding vendor or know someone who is vegan and planning a wedding, please refer them to the Vegan Bride website!

Congrats, Candida, on putting this together and for your continued success with Earth Cafe! They just added 8 more locations across the country! Yay!

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