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Sheba & Nolan are a very creative & unique couple, so for their engagement photos we knew we had to do something different. After finding out that they got to know everything about each other over some bottles of wine on their first date, we knew it had to involve wine. Then Sheba’s sister, Sheena (who was actually the one who found us), chimed in with some ideas that she had and suggested poker since Sheba & Nolan love to play. In fact, Nolan is such a great poker player that he used his winnings to pay for half of Sheba’s ring! Now come on, is that not an awesome story?!!

So we had planned wine and poker and even decided on a nice location, but something just wasn’t clicking with the whole plan. Then at 4am the night before we were scheduled to meet up it hit me… the perfect location! We had to go to St. Augustine! I thought Sheba was going to think I was crazy when I called her and left a message that I wanted to change our plans. They had lots of wedding stuff to do and people to see and I wanted to add an hour of drive time to her schedule? But Sheba, being the creative and spontaneous person she is, was all for it!!

We headed down to St. Augustine and for the first two hours it was just like hanging out with friends. Sheba & Nolan played a few hands of very competitive poker and we all chatted and laughed over wine, beer, and cigars. They were just so relaxed and natural and Matt & I had the best time we’ve ever had at engagement photo session! That’s saying a lot considering we’ve done sessions at the zoo and the fair!

Two hours passed by and we decided to wrap up the poker game to go do some photos around downtown St. Augustine. We did a crazy photo blitz in one hour and found some beautiful locations as we took the “long way” back to Sheba & Nolan’s car. They didn’t need much direction at all and it was hard to choose which photos to post because they just rocked the whole thing! But you don’t need to take our word for it! There’s plenty of photo evidence below!

We really can’t wait for Sheba & Nolan’s wedding at the Jacksonville Garden Club next month! Wow, we can’t believe it’s almost here already! We can’t wait to meet the rest of their friends and family soon!! : )

4 Responses to “Sheba & Nolan | Engagement Photos in St. Augustine | Jacksonville Wedding Photographer”

  1. Christy says:

    Gwen, these are some of the coolest shots I have ever seen!! I know they love them. Love the tin building.

  2. Gina says:

    love that location! Ahhhh…the ring shot is fantabulous!

  3. Administrator says:

    Christy you are always so sweet! They were a cool couple! : )

    Gina, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  4. LOVE YOUR IMAGES! These are super fun, very artistic and creative. And I adore the location! Outstanding job!

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