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We’ve already shared some of the photos from Dani & Rob’s wedding at the Garden Club of Jacksonville, but now we have more of the story to share with the slideshow! To view the original blog post of Dani & Rob’s wedding, click on the link below:

Dani & Rob’s Wedding at the Garden Club of Jacksonville

The slideshow features even more photos, some video clips of their wedding (including their awesome cake cutting!), and music from William Cushman. I came across William’s blog one evening and heard his song, Morning Has Broken, and really wanted to use it to help tell Dani & Rob’s love story. William was kind enough to allow me to use it, but I encourage everyone to visit his blog and listen to more of his beautiful music!

And now for the rest of Dani & Rob’s story:

“Morning Has Broken” © 2006 William Cushman

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