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Last Saturday, Yolanda & Chris held their wedding at the Omni Jacksonville Hotel! It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a wedding. As Yolanda got ready, we opened the curtains and let the beautiful sunshine in and looked at the beautiful view of downtown Jacksonville and the St. John’s river.

Downstairs, about 8 stories below, Chris waited with his groomsmen, anxious to see his lovely bride! The atrium of the Omni was filled with beautiful light and the ceremony opened with dancing and music. It was so beautifully spiritual and joyful, but when Yolanda appeared at the top of the staircase with her father it was almost as if everything stood still. I’m certain, at least, that Yolanda’s heart stood still! I wonder if she could even breathe, seeing her closest friends and family down below and the aisle leading up to her husband-to-be!

The reception was truly a celebration! The speeches were all wonderful, but I think that the Father of the Groom really had everyone’s full attention. He had us all laughing so hard! And sweet, shy Chris shocked us by going after Yolanda’s garter with no hands! I really did not expect that from him but was very impressed with his garter-removing skills! It was such a fun time and I asked Yolanda if it all turned out the way she wanted and, with a very content look and smile on her face, she said “Yes!” I’m so happy it was everything they had hoped for and Matt & I wish them both many, many years of happiness together!

The staff at the Omni was fabulous! The banquet staff was so polite and patient with me even though I was constantly in their way! After the wedding, Matt & I chatted with Amy, the sales manager for weddings and events, and let me tell you she is on top of her game! I don’t know who the Omni stole her from, but they made a great choice when they brought her on board! I know Yolanda had a great experience working with her and so I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a venue for their wedding and reception!

And now… photos of the new Mr. and Mrs. Harvell!

Can you believe this beautiful lady is 91 years young? I just adored her! Such a doll!

4 Responses to “Yolanda & Chris | Wedding at the Omni Jacksonville Hotel | Jacksonville Wedding Photographer”

  1. Very nice, love the cake topper shot.

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks Christy! I love that shot as well! Credit goes to Mr. Tundermann on that one. It was a very sweet cake topper and one that I had never seen before!

  3. Amy Waldman says:

    Dear Gwendolyn,

    The pictures are fantastic!!!
    Thank you for all your beautiful shots. You really captured the moment. I am so happy for Ms. Yolanda and Chris.


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