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This engagement session was a long time in the making! I’ve been talking to Andrea since April, about a month before she moved down to Jacksonville to be with her fiance, TJ. He is a naval officer at Mayport and a graduate of the Naval Academy in Annapolis (where they are also planning their dream wedding next fall). Between Andrea moving and starting a new job and Matt & I traveling a lot this summer we had to do a lot of rescheduling for our first meeting (seems like something always got in the way of our plans!).

When the temperatures cooled down, we finally got their engagement session scheduled and wouldn’t you know it – those nasty Florida thunderstorms got in the way of our plans!! But God more than made up for it with an absolutely beautiful day this past Monday, including one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen (definitely ranks among the top 3). Good things definitely come to those who wait! : )

We started off at one of their favorite date locations (can’t tell you where – it’s classified! :p ). Andrea was a bit shy in front of the camera at first (most people are!) but I think that the two of them laughing and being so cutesy was the perfect way to capture them as a couple. I think when people see the photos, whether they know Andrea & TJ or not, they will see two people who will always fill each other with laughter. Going through the photos trying to prepare for the blog I couldn’t help but laugh at Andrea’s faces and also TJ as he teased her to make her laugh more and then ended up laughing himself! We shot by the water for a while and then headed inside the restaurant for some cold beverages.

After cooling off, we went back outside to do a few more shots before heading to location #2. The second half of the shoot was still a little playful, but as the sun began to descend it set the tone for romance. Seriously, we didn’t add all these colors into the sunset photos. The sky really was the most brilliant orange you’ve ever seen! We kept saying it looked like something out of a movie because it was unreal!

Thanks so much to Faythe Mesic who did Andrea’s makeup and Lyndsey (Andrea’s cousin) for coming out and hanging with us through the whole e-session! It was such a fun time and I’m so excited to share these photos because they are so breathtaking!

Andrea & TJ, thanks so much for having us capture this important time in your lives! Next time, the beers and Long Islands are on us! ; )

5 Responses to “Andrea & TJ | Engagement Photos in Jacksonville | Jacksonville Wedding Photographer”

  1. Matt says:

    Andrea & TJ are such a beautiful couple. It was so fun working with them and sharing so many laughs. And that sunset was perfect. Best wishes to them!

  2. GORGEOUS! Love that ring!

  3. Wow, did you ever get some beautiful shots! The sky, the fun, the sun, the ring, the couple… :)

  4. Erica Kree says:

    Those have to be the most beautiful sunset shot that I have ever seen in an e-session! Wow…Now that was worth the wait :)

  5. Christy says:

    Wow!!! Again, I am blown away, these are gorgeous!!! The sunset shots are absolutely stunning! BTW, I really enjoyed talking gear with you too!! Let me know how you like your new goodies.

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