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We have been so fortunate to shoot some pretty amazing weddings, but Erin & Aaron’s wedding at Marineland has to be among the top of the list as far as being unique. It was absolutely magical! The bridal suite included a large window looking into one of the dolphin tanks! When we went to hang the dress to capture photos (just thinking the blue would look “cool” behind the dress) the dolphins came by to check everything out! It was possibly the coolest place to get ready… EVER!

In all fairness, the guys did have a pretty sweet room also. It had gorgeous light and vibrant colors, plus some cool nautical stuff that Matt used for some detail shots! Oh, and did I mention it was Sunday and the guys got to watch football on a nice flat screen TV? Uh, lucky!!

The ceremony took place in front of the dolphin pools and toward the end of the ceremony the dolphins decided to give their well-wishes to the happy couple by swimming around and pushing water up to where they were standing! Erin’s bridesmaids were on top of it and saved her dress from getting too wet! The guys came prepared in flip flops, so I don’t think they were phased too much!

After the ceremony we were blessed with some of the most beautiful sunlight and a vibrant blue sky! It was stunning! We used the fisheye to capture all of the beauty of the ocean and the sky on Erin & Aaron’s perfect day!

We are so happy that everything turned out so beautifully for Erin & Aaron! They really are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet! We have been SOOOOO anxious to share these photos with you, but just before we do let’s take a quick look back at their engagement photos at Ravine Gardens State Park…

And now… their wedding photos! Erin & Aaron, we hope these bring back memories for years and years to come! Congrats!!

Even during the prayer during the ceremony, Aaron had to sneak a peek at Erin! He couldnt keep his eyes off his beautiful bride! So sweet!!

Even during the prayer during the ceremony, Aaron had to sneak a peek at Erin! He couldn't keep his eyes off his beautiful bride! So sweet!!

We don't usually edit stuff with a vintage or antique look, but this shot just reminded me of "The Notebook." We didn't tell them to do this, either! We were following behind them and it was very spontaneous!

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  1. Matt says:

    Just an addition to what Gwen wrote: the groom, Aaron, is a martial arts teacher. So he had a short, Japanese sword that he and Erin used to cut the cake. Some people might have been confused by that.

  2. What a coooooolll wedding, & awesome pics girl! MY fav is the one with the water in the background and rocks! Awesome!

  3. These are amazing. Seriously. Those dolphin shots! WOW. And the color in all of them is so rich. Truly stunning.

  4. sharon morgan says:

    This is the sweetest couple, with a beautiful setting. The whole event was awesom. It was an honor to be present.

  5. Carol says:

    It was a magical wedding, very beautiful shots, Thank you for captureing this day in such a special day..

  6. Administrator says:

    Thank you for posting Carol! I have to agree that it was a very magical wedding! And they are just the most genuine and caring couple we have ever met! There is nothing but kindness and love in their hearts!

  7. Nicholas Kaufman says:

    Erin, you are such a beautiful bride!!! Plus, Aaron. stlyin n profilin!!!!

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