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As promised, I have tons of photos to share with you!

First up is a photo shoot I did out in New Orleans, set up by my friend Kristen at KH Photographics. She coordinated the shoot with designer & stylist Elsa Brodmann and beautiful pin up model Marielle (the Nola Chick). We had so much fun shooting at the Ambassador Hotel, where we stayed during the conference.

Thanks so much to Kristen for setting up this shoot and letting me tag along! It was so much fun and I appreciate Elsa & Marielle for giving us these great portfolio images!

Happy Thanksgiving from GTP!!!

November 25, 2009

We are currently spending Thanksgiving in the Northeast visiting with friends and family! We are enjoying the colder weather and sitting by a fire but can’t wait to share some blog goodies with you when we return!

First, we have to go back to the beginning of November when I attended Partner Con in New Orleans. I was part of two shoots while I was there, but because of time constraints (i.e. holiday order deadlines and editing demands) plus waiting on a model release I haven’t been able to edit them. They are already prepped and just waiting to go once I get back to the desk, but in the meantime here’s a little teaser:



Most recently, we shot the beautiful and very joyous wedding of Kiranmayi & Rishiraj in New Jersey. It was such a phenomenal experience and we were already miss all of their friends and family! They were so sweet and generous and made sure we ate tons of food (you really couldn’t say no, which is fine with us because we LOVE Indian food!). Here’s a peek at what’s to come from their wedding:


We’ve been busy every day on our trip! On Sunday, we headed up to Massachussetts (about 45 minutes north of where we are in Connecticut) and met up with Carmen & Kyle to chat about their wedding next May! We’ve been talking for months now but this was our first time meeting in person! Then we met up with Melissa & Alex, who we met at Sheba & Nolan’s wedding back in September. They will be getting married down in Florida next July, but you’ll be seeing them on the blog before then! ; )

Monday we had planned on a shoot in Boston, but unfortunately we had to cancel. The weather turned out to be terrible anyway, but it was still such a bummer.

Things turned around today with a bit of sunshine and a visit down to the southern part of Connecticut to visit with two incredible photographers, Robert & Kathleen Trenske. Their work is just gorgeous and we had such a great time chatting with them about weddings in New England vs. weddings in Florida, workflow, and more!

Tomorrow we’ll be heading down to New Haven to meet up with two of my favorite people in the whole world, the uber fabulous Justin & Mary Marantz! Matt is so excited to meet them for the first time and admits he is a bit starstruck. Yeah, they are pretty awesome!


They will be stopping in Jacksonville as part of their Spread The Love Tour on January 19th! They are offering an insane sale on Black Friday – $50 registration! I’m scared it will sell out before I get on the computer! Guess I need to camp out starting at midnight!

Wow… can you tell I’m excited?!

But before the big Black Friday sales, we will end our trip with a big Thanksgiving feast on Long Island with Matt’s family. For some reason, the holidays seem so significant this year. It’s like we really NEED the holidays this year. Even though we have been so blessed this year (beyond even our own belief sometimes), I feel like it has been a rough year in general for everyone. So I hope the holidays bring joy into everyone’s lives, because we could all use time with family and lots of hugs right about now! Hopefully you are feeling the spirit of the holidays as well, and Matt & I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!! : )


November 17, 2009

Matt says I work on Tokyo time. It’s true. I work some crazy hours. It’s kinda “a photographer thing.” I check Facebook and email at 3am because I actually have friends who are up working just like me. But I’m a night owl! I’m so creative at these crazy hours! I remember back when I was 11 years old, writing poetry late at night until the sun came up. I always used to say I get inspired at the most inconvenient times. Now I pretty much make my own schedule and it’s great… right?

Truthfully, like most photographers I’m a workaholic. Just ask Matt. At best, I take a break to eat dinner and maybe watch an episode of Family Guy or Dexter on DVD, and then I’m booking back upstairs. And I live on Starbucks. In fact, those are my two meals a day – Starbucks and dinner. : )

Well, today I got the most wonderful, unexpected surprise! I was checking my website stats to see where our referrals were coming from and the biggest referrer was shootdotedit. I was confused because I just checked them out at Partner Con and I haven’t used them yet, so why would I be linked on their site?

I clicked on the link and it brought me to this page:

Shootdotedit is a post production company (meaning they take care of those hours and hours of editing that I would normally do… like I am now)! Because honestly, how creative can I be at 3am when I’m sleep deprived? I’d much rather shoot more, give more attention to our couples, practice and learn new techniques, and even (shock) spend time with my friends and family again! So I’m super stoked about trying this out! Here’s the killer prize that shootdotedit has hooked me up with:

• Rough Edit/Cull up to 3,000 images
• RAW/JPG Core Color Processing up to 800 images
• Renumbering + Categorizing
• 25 Phase 1 Artistic Edits
• An FTP upload to the host of choice

It’s an insanely generous prize and I am so stoked!! Thanks a million times over, shootdotedit! I’m excited to get to try out your services!

Oh, and just for a laugh, visit their homepage at

It’s so funny because it’s true. That’s me every night (as I write this at 4:30am). Okay, break time is over. Back to my editing groove! : )

When we first met Toni & Cedric, we hit it off immediately! They are so warm and genuine that you can’t help but feel at ease around them. From some teary moments to lots of laughter, we got to know them pretty well! It’s always a good sign when you go to shoot a couple’s engagement photos and you can say “Hey, we tried that beer you suggested and we love it!” And one of these days when the madness of wedding planning is over we’ll have to grab some beers together!

It’s also a good sign when you’re out shooting and traffic stops to ask if you’re shooting a commercial! Toni & Cedric brought the hotness for sure, and people definitely thought they were models! We shot their engagement photos in downtown Jacksonville. When the colder weather changed our plans of a beach session, we started to picture a session where they were all dressed up out on the town. Oh, they came PREPARED with wardrobe changes – accessories and all! I will just say there were several times where we wished we had an SUV. ; ) But it was perfect because we were able to do some really fun stuff in various spots throughout downtown.

We can’t wait for their wedding later this month, which is being coordinated by Alpha and Omega Event Consultants! It will be our last wedding of the 2009 season, and we know it will be a memorable one! : )

Downtown Jacksonville Engagement Photos

It’s so hard to believe that it has been a month since Lisa & Seth had their wedding at Amelia Island Plantation! Time passes by so fast, but fortunately there are photographs that take us back to special moments in our lives. ; )

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this slideshow already. It warms my heart to see two people so right for each other find happiness together! We hope Lisa & Seth’s love story makes you feel all warm and lovey dovey, too! Here’s a look at our previous blog posts from their engagement session and wedding day:

Engagement photos at Amelia Island Plantation

Wedding at Walker’s Landing

And now for their slideshow! : )

After 3 weeks of not shooting weddings and a photography conference in New Orleans, we were so anxious for Jessica & Mark’s wedding in Naples! From the very beginning, we knew it was going to beautiful! They held their wedding at Pelican Bay, a gorgeous community that captures the essence of Florida with marshes and white sandy beaches. The weather provided blue skies and a few fluffy clouds for their beach wedding and even though it was in the 80s, the breeze made it feel like it was in the 70s!

I met up with the girls at the Inn at Pelican Bay for some getting ready shots. The light coming in through the window was gorgeous and I couldn’t wait for Jessica to put on her AMAZING dress so that we could get this shot:

So gorgeous! Here are a few more pre-wedding photos from the Inn:

Inn at Pelican Bay

Inn at Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay Community Center

Pelican Bay Community Center

Even though we live near the beach, I always enjoy visiting the beaches on Florida’s west coast for the white sands, jewel toned water and gorgeous sunsets! Who wouldn’t want to have their wedding in Naples when it could look like this:

Following a beautiful ceremony and photos on the beach, Jessica & Mark and all their guests headed to the reception at the Pelican Bay Community Center and believe me, they were ready to PARTY! It was so fun watching everyone dance and have a great time. DJ Gilbert kept the party going all night (including a lot of stuff from the 80s and 90s that totally brought back memories!). The reception was coordinated by Polly at Pelican Bay, and her chef did an amazing job with the food. The fun part was that there were so many dessert options! In addition to the wedding cake, Jessica & Mark also served key lime pie and had a chocolate fountain provided by Sunshine Chocolate Fountains! Isn’t love sweet?! : )

We wish Jessica & Mark much love & happiness as they start their married life together out in California! So much excitement going on for them! Best wishes to you both!

Sneak Peek from New Orleans

November 6, 2009

I just returned from an amazing time at the Pictage Partner Con and I’m so pumped with excitement, ideas, and inspiration! On top of that I have some UN-BE-LIEVABLE photos to share from two photo sessions while I was out there, but I’m about to head out of town again to shoot Jessica & Mark’s wedding in Naples! But since I can’t keep all this excitement to myself, I thought I would share just a hint of what’s to come on the blog:

(from a photo session set up by my friend Kristen with KHPhotographics)

(group photo shoot led by the amazing Sara France)

We always get so excited when we get referrals from past clients! We first met Ashley when we shot her sister Amanda’s wedding back in May. And Amanda was referred to us by one of our 2008 brides, Kaci, so we are just excited to keep building relationships with all of their friends and family!

On a day that was WAY too hot for fall, we met up with Ashley down in Green Cove for her senior photo session at the park and around downtown. At one point, I showed one of Ashley’s pics to Mom and she commented how much she looked like her sister and her in her voice I could tell what she was really was saying was that her baby was all grown up!

Congratulations Ashley! You’re half way through senior year! Cherish these next few months because they are going to fly by! : )

See even more on Ashley’s slideshow!