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November 17, 2009

Matt says I work on Tokyo time. It’s true. I work some crazy hours. It’s kinda “a photographer thing.” I check Facebook and email at 3am because I actually have friends who are up working just like me. But I’m a night owl! I’m so creative at these crazy hours! I remember back when I was 11 years old, writing poetry late at night until the sun came up. I always used to say I get inspired at the most inconvenient times. Now I pretty much make my own schedule and it’s great… right?

Truthfully, like most photographers I’m a workaholic. Just ask Matt. At best, I take a break to eat dinner and maybe watch an episode of Family Guy or Dexter on DVD, and then I’m booking back upstairs. And I live on Starbucks. In fact, those are my two meals a day – Starbucks and dinner. : )

Well, today I got the most wonderful, unexpected surprise! I was checking my website stats to see where our referrals were coming from and the biggest referrer was shootdotedit. I was confused because I just checked them out at Partner Con and I haven’t used them yet, so why would I be linked on their site?

I clicked on the link and it brought me to this page:

Shootdotedit is a post production company (meaning they take care of those hours and hours of editing that I would normally do… like I am now)! Because honestly, how creative can I be at 3am when I’m sleep deprived? I’d much rather shoot more, give more attention to our couples, practice and learn new techniques, and even (shock) spend time with my friends and family again! So I’m super stoked about trying this out! Here’s the killer prize that shootdotedit has hooked me up with:

• Rough Edit/Cull up to 3,000 images
• RAW/JPG Core Color Processing up to 800 images
• Renumbering + Categorizing
• 25 Phase 1 Artistic Edits
• An FTP upload to the host of choice

It’s an insanely generous prize and I am so stoked!! Thanks a million times over, shootdotedit! I’m excited to get to try out your services!

Oh, and just for a laugh, visit their homepage at

It’s so funny because it’s true. That’s me every night (as I write this at 4:30am). Okay, break time is over. Back to my editing groove! : )

3 Responses to “Shootdotedit”

  1. Mom says:

    Congrats! I know big things are coming your way, just from seeing your photos. Just think, i’m going to have a famous daughter someday.

  2. Brian says:

    Yep, that little shootdotedit video could have been me too! Have you tried them yet? I’m interested to know how well they adapted to your style.

  3. Administrator says:

    Hi Brian!

    Thanks for stopping by! I haven’t taken advantage of this amazing prize from Shootdotedit yet since I was wrapping up our wedding season when I won, but I can’t wait to try them out! The great thing is that their services are pretty much a la carte. I will at least use them for basic color correction so that I will have more time to put into the full edits I do where my style really shows. I don’t do a whole lot of editing to our photos anyway (usually just increase the contrast to give them some punch!). But if someone uses a lot of actions or something it might be more of a challenge. From what they told me they really try to understand your style. It was started by photographers so they fully understand the types of questions you and I have!

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