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Welcome to the first of our Wedding Wednesdays! I thought we’d kick off this series with an easy, but important topic – what to wear to your engagement session! We have a lot of engagement sessions coming up soon, so this seems like a great place to start!

There are a lot of things to consider for engagement photo attire and even though there are no real rules, the more effort you put in to your engagement photos the more you will get out of them!

Toni & Cedric's Downtown Jacksonville Engagement Photos

Toni & Cedric's Downtown Jacksonville Engagement Photos

Season & Climate
– This should be pretty obvious, but dress accordingly for the weather so you’ll be comfortable!

– Make sure your attire fits with the location of your shoot (unless you are specifically looking for contrast).
– How will the location be utilized? Will you be sitting? Laying down? Climbing? (hey, I’ve seen it happen!)

Time of Day
– Make sure your attire fits with the time of day. Just as an example, don’t wear a black suit to a 10am session unless you are doing photos in a formal setting. It probably won’t look right and you might feel uncomfortable in the hot sun!
– You can usually pull off casual/dressy attire any time of day, but late afternoon and evening are perfect for it!
– If you are doing a mid day session, avoid wearing white.

Jenny & Miguel's themed engagement photos in San Diego

Jenny & Miguel's themed engagement photos in San Diego

Personal Style
– What do you do together? Do you play sports? Go out to dinner or clubs? Are you laid back and casual, fashion divas, or edgy? Thinking about how you usually dress when you go out together can help point you in the right direction.
– Are you going with a theme for your photo shoot? If you are a dreamer or creative mind, don’t be afraid to step into character with a themed photo shoot!
– How do you want to feel? Cute? Sexy? Romantic? Choose clothes that will evoke the kind of feeling you’re looking for in your engagement photos and also make you feel confident to work the camera!

– Some couples want to match for their session. That’s entirely up to you, but if you don’t match the colors should at least be complimentary.
– Solids are preferred over patterns because you want the focus to be on you and not be distracted by a busy shirt.
– Consider your location and what kind of colors might pop against the background.

Something Old vs. Something New
– Think about what you are going to wear in advance. Don’t wait until the morning of the session to decide because it may stress you out!
– Use this as an excuse to go shopping! Wearing something new will boost your confidence for the camera!
– Don’t forget to accessorize! Have fun with this!

The Reason For The Session
– What are you going to use your engagement photos for? Save The Dates? Guest book or matted print for signing at the wedding? Sharing online on your wedding website? If you think about how you want to use the photos that may also give you some ideas for your attire.

Since our engagement sessions last two hours, we usually suggest two different outfits – a casual one and a dressy one. That way you get the feeling of two completely different photo sessions and more variety! There are no real “rules” on your engagement photo attire. The most important thing is to make it the best reflection of you!

First, we met Johnny. He was sweet and shy and clearly a man in love. Then we met his sweetheart, Angie. She was bold and outgoing. The smile on her face when she talked about Johnny – HER Johnny – said it all. She melts when she thinks about her man!

It wasn’t until Angie & Johnny’s engagement photos in downtown Jacksonville that we actually saw them together for the first time! They were so cute together, like two teenagers crazy in love with each other! Even though the day ended with low clouds and no sunset, the city lights bounced in the haze and gave off a glow. It was a little chilly, but Angie & Johnny didn’t mind getting close and snuggling up for photos!

We had a lot of fun getting to know more about Angie & Johnny as a couple and can’t wait for their wedding this March! We know that it will be a truly blessed day! But until that day arrives, we are excited to share with you Angie & Johnny’s beautiful engagement photos in downtown Jacksonville!

When someone recently asked about Trash The Dress sessions on a forum discussion, I was happy to share my opinion! We are big fans of the trend! It’s such a fun idea to get into the dress again after the wedding and do something creative with it!

The discussion led to a post on the My Photo Video blog and they included one of our images from the Key West Trash The Dress Session we shot with Maria & Peter. This session included some of the most stunning images we have ever captured and gave Maria & Peter some very unique, beautiful photos from their romantic getaway in Key West:

But not all Trash The Dress sessions require you to really “trash” your dress. We shot Beth & Mark’s Jacksonville Trash The Dress Session at one of North Florida’s historic locations. It was playful and romantic and some of the images are still among our favorites today:

And then, there are the unplanned Trash The Dress sessions! While shooting Deby & Michael’s Jacksonville Wedding last summer, they decided that the June heat was a little too much… so they jumped in the pool! Imagine Matt & I running over to the pool with my jaw dropped on the ground in shock! This is definitely a wedding memory they won’t forget:


If you are thinking about doing a Trash The Dress session, think about some things that you like to do and see if that can be incorporated into the session. Or, go with a theme (like from your favorite movie). Also, keep an open mind. Places that look run down can make a surprisingly cool background. The possibilities are endless when it comes to “trashing” your dress! Make it your own!

This past weekend, Matt & I started the 2010 wedding season with Michelle & James’ wedding at Friday Musicale. Located in historic Riverside, Friday Musicale is definitely one of the more unique Jacksonville wedding venues we’ve ever photographed. It’s so charming and quaint, perfect for an intimate wedding celebration!

It was also appropriate for Michelle & James to get married in a place where music is honored because music is such an important part of their lives! Music was such a key element of the ceremony and reception with live performances (including an unforgettable version of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” – dance moves and all!).

Michelle & James are on their honeymoon and I’m so anxious to edit their photos that I’ll probably have them done before they return! They are two of the most sincere people you could ever hope to meet and we are so thrilled that they are now Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations! : )

Above: A tender moment between Michelle and her Dad before the wedding.
Below: Michelle, her sisters, and her father in a moment of prayer.

This is my favorite image of the day. Michelle was such a beautiful bride!

This week it is FREEZING in Jacksonville! Below freezing, in fact! I even heard there was a 50% chance of snow this week… in Florida!

I want to emphasize that it was really, really cold when we shot Naomie & Laymoun’s engagement photos in downtown Jacksonville. They rock for going out in that weather to take advantage of an amazing sunset and the beauty of Jacksonville’s Main Street Bridge! We shot at two locations in record time because their noses and fingers were about to fall off! Naomie is from the Bahamas and Laymoun is from Texas, so they are not fans of this crazy cold weather!

Even with all the cold, Naomie & Laymoun still proved to be hot stuff! We can’t wait for their wedding next month at the Garden Club of Jacksonville! Please send some WARM wishes to this sweet couple for their wedding day!

Downtown Jacksonville Engagement Photos | Main Street Bridge

Downtown Jacksonville Engagement Photos | Main Street Bridge

Happy New Year!

January 5, 2010

We hope that 2010 has greeted you with hope and happiness! Matt & I just returned from visiting friends and family in the winter wonderland that is Pennsylvania and New York! Most of our trip was spent in Pittsburgh where we visited both sides of my family and also met up with friends to tailgate at Heinz Field before the Steelers game:

This was also Peanut’s first time seeing snow since it was so warm last year during the holidays! Last year we went to PA, NY, and CT and the weather was in the 50’s and 60’s, so we were really hoping for a white Christmas this year! And boy, did we get our wish!! Peanut wasn’t really sure about the snow, but by the end he got used to it! : )

It wasn’t until we headed up to NY (near Rochester) that we really got to see SNOW! Lots and lots of glistening like fluffy diamonds powdery snow! It was so beautiful! Along the way, we stopped to see Dunkirk Lighthouse on Lake Erie. It was closed, but I was able to snap this shot through the gate:

On the drive back to Pittsburgh, we ran into some some bad weather. The highway had been cut off due to an overturned semi, so when we got back on the highway after the detour the roads had not been plowed very well. The only way to really see the road was from the car in front of us, and we could barely even see that:

But we took our time, drove carefully, and eventually did make it back to Pittsburgh safely. I love seeing snow, but I also love coming back to 60 degrees in Florida! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and is ready for an amazing 2010!