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When someone recently asked about Trash The Dress sessions on a forum discussion, I was happy to share my opinion! We are big fans of the trend! It’s such a fun idea to get into the dress again after the wedding and do something creative with it!

The discussion led to a post on the My Photo Video blog and they included one of our images from the Key West Trash The Dress Session we shot with Maria & Peter. This session included some of the most stunning images we have ever captured and gave Maria & Peter some very unique, beautiful photos from their romantic getaway in Key West:

But not all Trash The Dress sessions require you to really “trash” your dress. We shot Beth & Mark’s Jacksonville Trash The Dress Session at one of North Florida’s historic locations. It was playful and romantic and some of the images are still among our favorites today:

And then, there are the unplanned Trash The Dress sessions! While shooting Deby & Michael’s Jacksonville Wedding last summer, they decided that the June heat was a little too much… so they jumped in the pool! Imagine Matt & I running over to the pool with my jaw dropped on the ground in shock! This is definitely a wedding memory they won’t forget:


If you are thinking about doing a Trash The Dress session, think about some things that you like to do and see if that can be incorporated into the session. Or, go with a theme (like from your favorite movie). Also, keep an open mind. Places that look run down can make a surprisingly cool background. The possibilities are endless when it comes to “trashing” your dress! Make it your own!

3 Responses to “Featured on the My Photo Video Blog | Trash The Dress | Jacksonville Wedding Photographers”

  1. Matt says:

    “Trashing the dress” is such a fun concept. And I totally agree…for brides who are a little squemish about getting their dress wet or dirty, you can still do more of a fashion shoot in an unconventional place. Just putting the dress in a place that is out of context with what you think of when seeing a wedding dress makes for some amazing and artistic photos!

  2. Congratulations for being featured and I have to say that I really love those first two shots on the beach. Nice work!! :)

  3. Administrator says:

    Thanks Robert! That was one of our favorite sessions!

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