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We are so fortunate to meet some amazing people through our photography, but we’re truly blessed when those people become friends. When we first met Michelle & Josh for their engagement photos in Plano, TX, we wished that we didn’t live 16 hours away from them! But Facebook has helped bridged the distance between us!

We were really excited to see them again for their destination wedding in Hilton Head, SC. They held the wedding at the Crowne Plaza Resort Hilton Head Island, a gorgeous resort on the beach that showcased the natural beauty of the island. Michelle & Josh made the wedding very special with a lot of personal touches. The ceremony was officiated by Josh’s father, the Reverend Franklin D. Wilson Sr. from Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church in McKinney, TX. The processional and recessional was performed by Josh’s brother, Josiah, and his wife, Candace. They were Vocal Performance majors in college and performed the song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. As Michelle & Josh walked past their guests for the first time ever as husband and wife, they immediately went into their first dance on the beach. It was such a beautiful, unique idea! But one of my favorite personal touches from their wedding was more subtle. Michelle wrapped her father’s dog tags around her bouquet to honor his memory. As she walked down the aisle on the arm of her brother, Daniel, she knew that her father was also with her. It was so moving!

Another thing I love about their wedding is the colors! Michelle & Josh asked all of their guests to wear different shades of blue to the wedding. And Michelle’s gorgeous bouquet from A Floral Affair perfectly matched the the sand and the periwinkle blue ocean. Toward sunset, the sky turned a brilliant blue. It was such a spectacular setting for photos, and we’re so happy that the sun came out for their destination wedding!

We think after seeing these photos you’ll see why Michelle & Josh are so special! They are so full of laughter and love and we are so happy that we met them! In addition to our excitement about sharing these beautiful wedding photos, we’re also thrilled to say that today is Michelle’s birthday! We already started celebrating over here on the East Coast an hour ago, but now it’s officially Michelle’s birthday in Texas, too! We wish you the happiest birthday and congratulate you and Josh on your nuptials! And let’s make sure we plan that trip to meet “half way” in New Orleans soon!! We miss you guys! : )

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  1. Bennett Family says:

    OMG, These are AWESOME. We are so happy for you two. Can’t believe we were there only a couple weeks ago. Thanks for sharing this AWESOME moment with us. We love you both so much.

    Cedric, Michele, Halle and Austin.

  2. Allison says:

    Loved your photos. It’s the closest I can get to being there.

  3. Josiah says:

    Josh and Michelle,
    These pics are so great! Thanks for sharing your very special day with us!

  4. Candace says:

    These pictures are incredible! Can we go back in time and have you do my wedding?!?!!? Ahhhhhh!!!! I want a do-over to get amazing pics like this!

    Josh and Michelle,
    You guys looks so happy in these pics! I love the FUN love you guys have for eachother! We can’t wait to spend many years having fun with you guys!!! Love Love Love Love you!!!

  5. Adalyn says:

    Uncle Josh & Aunt Michelle,
    I love you very much! I wish I could have been at your wedding in a pretty blue dress….Thank you for loving me so much and always being happy to see me! And Michelle, you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

  6. Lombardo says:

    Liked the one where y’all are by the water.

  7. Monica says:

    Michelle and Josh,

    congratulations! the pictures are so beautiful… they are gorgeous… you guys look perfect together!

  8. Tanya says:

    Wow, I love the dress and the photos are perfect. You both are such a cute couple. So happy for you both. Thanks for letting me see this.:)

  9. Susan Lorey says:

    Josh & Michelle,
    Your wedding pictures are very beautiful. Best wishes
    Susan, Paige, Ryan

  10. Susan says:

    Love the baby blue!

  11. Lora says:

    OMG those are such beautifully photos. I wish yall the best.

  12. Ana says:

    Beautiful pictures, you guys look amazing! Love all the beach photos.


  13. Lily says:

    The pictures are amazing! You could just feel the love. Michelle, you were a gorgeous bride!!!

  14. Janet says:

    Michelle – I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy! The pictures are beautiful – we are so happy for the two of you – The Foster’s

  15. Amanda says:

    Josh and Michelle,
    You both look so happy. I’m so glad that Jason and I came and got to experience that with the two of you. We love you!

  16. Andrea Canavan says:

    Josh & Michelle,

    Yep, your are two people totally into each other. It completely shows through in the pictures. Michelle, your dress is divine and what a perfect setting. Everything looks amazing. You guys rock! :)

  17. Kimberly says:

    These pictures are amazing!! This is the best “destination” wedding I’ve ever seen. Everything you did to prepare for the wedding was PERFECT! Contratulations you guys look so happy.

  18. Patti Vinson says:

    How perfect. I am so happy for you both. Bessings for you and a long happy life together!
    Love Ray & Patti

  19. Jyothie Rikhilal says:

    Your pictures are so nice you guys look like movie stars. I am so happy you found each other you are made for each other. Always be happy and in love with one another. Congratulations.

  20. corey montgomery says:

    these has got to be the best photos i’ve seen you two look so happy. its seems natural for you two to be together hopefully my girlfriend an I will one day be as lucky as you two. congrads!!

  21. Michalina says:

    Really great pics and beautiful wedding. You look so happy ;) I wish you all the best!

  22. Marti Alden says:

    Could you two look any more perfect together? Congrats again and again!

  23. Monica Lopez says:

    These are such beautiful photos and such a beautiful video! Congratulations and blessings to you both!

  24. Cindy Barrett says:

    Awesome pics – so happy for y’all

  25. Maria Garcia says:


    You look so happy and beautiful. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

  26. Carolyn Palemrino says:

    You guys look great! These pics really captured your day. I really liked the one of you two sitting on the dune. I wish you lifetime of happiness.

  27. Jazmin says:

    love the pics, you look so pretty, your dress is beautiful… MY SHOW!

  28. jason says:

    Amazing picture love the smiles and excitement in your eyes.

  29. David d-lite Wilson says:

    love it guys! lookin dead sexy.

  30. Gudrun says:

    This are beautiful pictures!. You can see how happy and in love with each other you are. Congratulations.

  31. Veronica says:

    Those are great pic’s I showed them to my friend Brandi, because she is getting married on a beach in Nov. Ya’ll look so happy CONGRATS!!!!!

  32. Edward says:

    Those pics are awesome! Congratulations you two!

  33. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful photos! So happy for you two!

  34. Melanie Hotle says:

    Amazing pictures of amazing people!

  35. Robert says:

    Such Awesome photos. You two look amazing together. I am so very happy for the both of you and you you much more happiness in your futures together.

  36. Amy says:

    Beautiful pics Michelle! Congrats again and many blessings.

  37. Bob Carver says:

    I was hoping for a little cake to the face for Josh.

  38. Kenya says:

    Michelle! I am so happy for you. These pics are amazing and you look like the same happy little girl that made me try sushi. Ick! I love you and happiness could not be more deserved!

  39. Anessa Woodard says:

    Wow! Amazing. Really beautiful pictures. I have to say I had tears before I even got to the pictures. The part about her dad’s dog tags tore me up. Sounds like it was an amazing wedding and I hope ya’ll have a wonderful life together. God bless.

  40. Troy says:


  41. Prakash says:

    Those are amazing pics! Congrats again!

  42. Tara says:

    Those pictures were amazing. I loved her dress. I miss you Josh and I wish I could have been there!

  43. Holly Smith says:

    Congrats to the 2 of u!! I pray God will bless your marriage today and always!!

  44. NIchole says:

    They are awesome pictures. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

  45. Violeta says:

    The photos are awesome!!! Congratulatons!

  46. Stephanie Boyette says:

    These pictures are beautiful! It’s like a magazine layout. Congratulations!

  47. Bob McCranie says:

    Looks like a great time. Wonderful pictures.

  48. Renee' says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Michelle, you look so happy!!

  49. Ginger Johnson says:

    Congrats!! You look great!! :)

  50. Amber Wilson says:

    The wedding looks absolutly beautiful! What a great day to have it outside. You’re photographer did an amazing job! Hope married life is treating you well.

  51. Halle says:

    This pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  52. Jennifer says:

    The pictures are amazing! Beautiful!

  53. Trine says:

    Beautiful wedding! Many Blessings

  54. Lonnie says:

    Very nice pictures and a great setting!!

  55. Juliana says:

    Your wedding was so beautiful and romantic! You guys look very happy and in love! Congratulations again, and may your life be filled of lots of happiness, prosperity and never ending love!

  56. Monika says:

    I wish you all the best, beautiful photos

  57. lmhall says:

    Your wedding was so beautiful and original, I loved the creative thought behind it ! I wish you both much love , peace and happiness !

  58. Emmett says:

    Very nice pics!!! You two look extremely happy!

  59. Rafal says:

    OMG! Those pictures are amazing! You both look very nice, i’ve bet that you are the most coolest couple ever!!! Hope you will be happy together guys!!! Just awesome!

  60. Josh Knox says:

    What a beautiful wedding. The photographer did a great job. Wish you guys the best.

  61. Mike says:

    Great looking shots for sure! Congrats guys, it looks like a beautiful wedding with great pics and great people. I wish ya’ll all the best and a super long life filled with happiness. Okay, maybe happiness and some kind of windfall that leaves you with lots of money!

  62. Pamela says:

    Great Wedding Pictures.. Wishing you a long happy life togeher

  63. Felicia says:

    Those are some of the best picutures I have ever seen! I wish we could have been there!

  64. Yuliya and Oscar says:

    Fantastic pictures. Beautiful wedding. Gorgeous dress. Inviting beach. Warm atmosphere at the reception meal. Everybody is so relaxed, happy, calm and peaceful. What a great beginning for a wonderful life together! Congratulations again and again. We are truly happy for you.

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