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When Kera & I were talking about when to begin their engagement session, we somehow got this crazy idea that we should do a sunrise shoot! We both thought it was insane to get up that early, but it was soooo worth it! The beach was quiet and calm. Other than a couple other people out shooting and a few runners and surfers, there weren’t many people around so we had plenty of room to shoot without interruption. As we watched the sun quickly rise over the horizon, we were so in awe of its beauty. What better way to start a romantic photo shoot than watching a breathtaking sunrise?

Kera & Waymond are so super sweet! They are full of laughter and so at ease with each other that really all we had to do was sit back and observe and capture them being the way they naturally are together. At one point, someone stopped our shoot to tell Kera how beautiful she looked. She radiated with all the beauty of a woman in love, and it was so sweet to watch the way that Waymond looked at her so adoringly! After spending the morning with them, we really can’t wait for their wedding day! They are truly a couple that is meant for each other!

I smile when I look at their photos because they are so full of happiness that you can’t help but feel better by just being around them! We hope these photos make you smile, too! : )

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  1. Anna Kim says:

    The wide angle picture with the dock is spectacular! I love following your work.

  2. Amy says:

    Those are absolutely beautiful! Captured your love perfectly.

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