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Group photos are some of the most posed photos for a wedding, but setting them up can be one of the biggest challenges for your photographer. Depending on the size of the group and the number of shots desired, getting group shots done quickly can be quite difficult. The quicker the group shots happen, the more time you will have for your couple shots. Here are a five tips to help your photographer get the group shots done in 30 minutes or less and get you to your reception faster:

1. Make a shot list.
Most photographers know the standard list of shots that a couple will want, ie. wedding party, parents, siblings, etc. But if there are any particular group shots you want, you should make sure your photographers know. Keep in mind that you don’t need every imaginable combination of photos. Once the ceremony has ended, everyone (especially the bride and groom!) is anxious to get to the reception and celebrate! Keep the group photos simple.

2. Appoint someone to help set up the shots.
Having a bridesmaid, groomsmen, or best friend help organize people into the group shots will make things go faster. Think of it as crowd control. And having someone who’s familiar with your friends and family and can help group them will free up your photographer to concentrate on the photos.

3. Limit the people hanging around to those who will be in the pictures.
Having extra people around will just prove to be a distraction to those in the photos. The more people hanging around, the longer the photos will take. Having more people around also tends to lead to shots that are not on the list, which adds to the time it will take to get through the group shots. Also consider doing family shots first, dismissing them to the reception, then moving on to wedding party photos.

4. Put the cameras away.
So many group shots are ruined because one person is looking off at the camera being held by Uncle Louis off to the side. The best thing for not only getting everyone to look in the same direction but to also make your photos go faster is to ask any friends or relatives to put their cameras away.

5. Pick a good setting.
To help make your photos look better, make sure you pick a nice setting with good lighting. When you talk with your photographer about possible locations, try to pick one that is easy to access and has even lighting. Your group shots will look better. You might want to also consider a location on the way to your reception if they’re in a different location than your ceremony. That will also help limit the number of people there, as mentioned in Point 3.

Remember, following these tips can help you and your photographers get the group shots you want in less time so you can get to the party faster!

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