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Matt was so inspired from the moment we met Sammy & Allen! He directed much of the shoot and also wrote the blog post before I could even write one word! So here is their story from the POV of Mr. Tundermann.

Written by Matt Tundermann

Sammy & Allen’s journey together started at Cal State Fullerton in LA. They were both hanging out with a mutual friend, although Sammy admits that she didn’t even talk to Allen at first. But once they started talking, they both realized that they had almost identical class schedules. And now, years later, it’s easy to see how fate has brought together two people whose relationship has all the ingredients to be a long and lasting one; friendship, love, teamwork, and vision.

Speaking of vision, when Sammy & Allen contacted us to do some engagement photos in Southern California, they had an amazing vision for the setting they wanted; the rugged and beautiful beaches at Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach, CA. This gorgeous location has special meaning to them because they spent time doing research for classes there. After some administrative wrangling and paperwork that had me feeling like a Hollywood producer, we headed off to Crystal Cove with our “cast and crew” for an amazing engagement session!

Crystal Cove is a combination of beautiful natural beaches, with waves crashing over rocks, towering cliffs overlooking the water, fields of bright flowers, and an a row of historic beach houses. It’s an amazing area with a fun, open-air feeling. We especially loved this hillside full of bright flowers with its fun, crazy-looking tree.

One of the many highlights of the day was our “shake break” at Ruby’s Shake Shack. Ruby’s sits in a little pull-off from the coastal highway in Newport Beach and serves some great classic shakes. We enjoyed having some downtime with Sammy & Allen to just chat, discussing some of their ideas for their wedding, and enjoying the incredible weather. By the end of our break, we felt like we had been friends with them for 10 years!

After our break, we headed back to the top of the cliffs to capture Sammy & Allen in a field of wild flowers as the warm California sun washed over them. Without any prompting, they just reached out to each other and enjoyed the warmth and affection that has made their relationship so strong.

The truly amazing part of the day was how natural Sammy & Allen are with each other in front of the camera. Whether it’s being playful and flirty or romantic and sweet, they have an easy time sharing their joy as a couple. And with a beautiful sunset as our final backdrop of the day, it was the perfect ending to a perfect shoot!

Sammy & Allen, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your engagement! : )

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  1. Anna Kim says:

    I love all the bright colors, they just pop!

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks, Anna! I would have to say California is the most beautiful place I have ever visited, but I may need to come visit you in Maui just to be sure! LOL! : )

  3. Lyndsey says:

    Beautiful! I love your use of the natural light in the field with the yellow flowers!

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