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We are so excited to share the wedding of Kimberly & Jamon with you! You know that we love color and vibrance, and this wedding was full of both! They held their wedding at the Embassy Suites in Jacksonville, which has a beautiful atrium full of natural light, lush tropical plants, a waterfall, and a beautiful gazebo. Their wedding colors were coral and pistachio, a very tropical color combination that was perfect for a summer wedding!

Kimberly’s hair and makeup was provided by Julia of Jahira’s Hair Salon. I knew from their engagement session that they were photogenic, but on this day Kimberly was even more beautiful! Everything about her – the hair, the makeup, the dress, and the smile on her face – just added to the glow about her! I love the image below of her holding the bouquet by the window. I must have looked at it at least 100 times this week! I also adored her bouquet by Alpha & Omega Floral Design with it’s soft pink and white flowers and playful green hanging amaranthus! Is it not gorgeous?!

Even though his bride was breathtaking, Jamon also commanded some attention wearing a white tux. For just a touch of color, he had a boutonniere of green orchids (one of my favorite flowers!). Side by side, they just looked amazing! I love the photo of them on the gazebo where he’s lifting her face to kiss her! That small gesture makes the photo!

The reception was filled with colorful details. We especially love the green candy apple favors for the guests! It was such a cute way to tie in with the color palette! The decor was created by Alpha & Omega Event Consultants and included beautiful, tall centerpieces. Behind the sweetheart table was a curtain of crystals illuminated by uplighting, and it added so much to the room!

We hope that you are inspired as much as we are by this wedding, and we especially hope that Kimberly & Jamon enjoy seeing their wedding day as we saw it! Thank you guys so much for letting us be part of it!

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  1. Love the beautiful pictures and the wedding set-up was lovely…:)

  2. Tiffany Williams says:

    I LOVE the colors and the setting was gorgeous! You look like a true Princess.

    Love, Tip

  3. Kimberly Grubbs says:

    Thank you Gwen for capturing these special moments the pictures are gorgeous!

  4. Tameka Ready says:

    The pictures are simply beautiful and the sun played a great role in how the colors popped.

  5. Anita Commins says:

    The colors went well together….very tropical like. I think it looked great and Kim looked really good too!!

  6. Jamon Grubbs says:

    You guys did a great job and everything looks beautiful, thank you for everything.

  7. Holly says:

    *SO* beautiful! Their happiness is written all over their faces! And that last picture of the 2 little girls is A-DORABLE!

  8. Bev Randi says:

    Loved the pics. They are beautiful. I am very pleased that I was able to join you and Jamon on your special day. God Bless!

  9. Robyn Puttick says:

    WOW! You really did pick a great photographer. Absolutely beautiful colors, flowers, setting, people…simply elegant with photos to keep forever and ever. You’re a smart lady!

  10. Lisa Daniels says:

    These pictures are beautiful.

  11. Kimberly and Jamon u two are awesome couple. We at Alpha & Omega thank u 4 allowing us to be a part of ur special day. We wish the two of u much success and happiness throughout your lives. Keep God first in ur lives and everything else will work it self out. We look forward to hearing from the 2 of u to plan ur 25th Anniversary. LOL ;)

    Zandra Bryant
    Alpha & Omega Event Consultants & More…

  12. Reggie Daniels says:

    Wow! I have officiated many weddings and these pictures really stand apart. They are beautiful. I love em! ‘Wishing Kim and Jamon many many prosperous years together.

    -Reggie Daniels

  13. Kim girl you look sooooooooo pretty. OMG, I couldn’t believe that was you. You still has the pretty girl face. You have been treating yourself right. And where was Ms. Paulene? I seen your Dad, He trying to keep his beauty with his handsome self. Girl, I wish you the best in life as you start this marriage journey. May God forever give you and your Husband all the marriage blessings.

  14. TINA CARROLL says:

    great looking pictures – love the colors –

  15. Jeremy Jay Weatherspoon says:

    OMG! Kim the wedding colors were extravagant & you are beautiful and all of your pics. I am happy for you and really do wish you the best in all of lifes assets. You know, upon getting married the Lord, God will bless you even more. Once again, congratulations friend & it probabbly wont be to long before you will be a guest at my wedding. May the Lord continue to bless you & Jamon & make sure that you keep God in your life!

  16. Deborah Smith says:

    Looked like a beautiful wedding…your man looks like Chris Rock!

  17. Katrice Jenkins says:

    Hi Guys:

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Kim I hate I couldn’t be there, but you look stunning. I am so happy for you and wish you all the best with your union.s

  18. TONIA RIVERS says:


  19. Tamika Russell says:

    Congrats- Both of you looked amazing. Beautiful Wedding

  20. Dee Dee says:

    Kim Kim I wish you and Jamon the best. You guys look perfect together! Love Ya

  21. lyn brinson says:


  22. Darlene Cooper says:

    The pictures are beautiful. It was a beautiful wedding. Make the Lord bless you and Jamon.

  23. Shae Smith says:

    Sweet. You looked amazing!!! Congrats1

  24. Charles Davis says:

    These are some beautiful pictures.

  25. Regina Clincy says:

    The pictures are so beautiful. Congrats to the both of you!

  26. Harry Clincy says:

    All the best to you guys Kim & Jamon. Our journey from Dallas was well worth the trip. We truly enjoyed attending…fantastic pictures!

  27. Nicole Corbitt says:

    Congratulations on such a gorgeous wedding. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!!

  28. Hazel Booth says:

    Great pictures. You looked beautiful Mrs. Grubbs. See you in August.

  29. Lothario Clincy says:

    I wish I would have gone to the nice wedding.

  30. Kai Clincy says:

    I love the pictures!!

  31. Kim, you look beautiful. Tell your husband I said you guys looks soooooo blessed… Congratulations and keep God first in everything you do. Keep in touch….

  32. Natasha Miller says:

    These are beautiful. Thank you Kim and Jamon for allowing me to be apart of this special day. You two make a beautiful couple and I wish you nothing but happiness.

  33. Tamika Bates says:

    Simply gorgeous!!! I love the colors. God Bless your union.

  34. Lavericia Copeland says:

    This was the most gorgeous wedding I have ever seen. Very elegant and with much class. May God keep you both…remember to acknowledge GOD in all your ways and he will make your path straight. Give God complete control and authority over your marriage and everything that concerns you. TRUST him and he will see you through. GOD BLESS your husband and you and please keep smiling because your smile uplifts many spirits…..JUST REMARKABLE

  35. Katie Morgan says:

    Hey Kim Kim!!!! photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! wish we could have been there:-(

  36. Lynne Barnes says:

    Kimberly, beautiful pictures and a gorgeous bride. Congratulations to the booth of you.

  37. Sylvia Woodard says:

    Kim and Jamon, I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. The wedding was beautiful.

  38. Maurice Mills says:

    Congratulations Kim & Jamon!

  39. Taja Mills says:

    All the best Kim & jamon…

  40. Angela Andeson says:

    Mr. & Ms. Grubbs, The entire wedding was beautiful. Kim you were a beautifl bride and your pictures were nce.

  41. Gara Roberts says:

    What a beautiful celebration! Wishing you every joy and happiness!

  42. Shauna Parker says:

    Congratulations, Kim and Jamon!! Everything was fabulous! Mrs. Grubbs, you were a very beautiful bride.

  43. Sjada Alexander-Guyton says:

    Congratulations!!! May God continue to bless you’ll with many loving years together. The wedding pictures are beautiful and so were you…….

  44. Salina Barfield says:

    Congratulations Kim, your pictures are gorgeous & you made a very beautiful bride.

  45. Renecca Haynes-Joshua says:

    Kim this was beautiful you truly was a PRINCESS on this day your dress,hair,makeup and the entire set up was beautiful. Congratulations this is just the beginning you make this stay just like this forever the two of you. Your marriage is between you ,him and God keep all others out love ya and boy how does time fly enjoy life to the fullest with your HUSBAND wow.

  46. Sabrina Blackshear-Franklin says:

    Jason & Kim what a beautiful wedding!! Just a touch of class.May God Bless this union.

  47. Barbara Bradley says:

    Congratulations! Your wedding was beautiful and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  48. Tara Henry says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Congrats

  49. Kiki White says:

    B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!!! Loved the colors! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Grubbs! :)

  50. Monique Johnson says:

    Nice pics…

  51. Jayson Johnson says:

    Very, very nice wedding. Congrats to you Mr. & Mrs. Grubbs!

  52. Katrina W. says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding. Great pictures. Best wishes and much happiness.

  53. Monica Reddick says:

    Kim your wedding pictures are just beautiful and very classy! Congrats!

  54. Dana Honeywell says:

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I wish you both the best.

  55. Sih & Michelle says:

    The pictures are very beautiful. You guys really look good together Congratulations!!!!!

  56. Casie Doyle says:

    Kim you look beautiful in every photo. The wedding photos are incredible I love the one with your father walking you down the isle. I am so happy for you and your husband…may your adventure together begin!

  57. Michelle Malenfant says:

    What beautiful pictures can not wait to see the rest!! Congratulations

  58. Kemyrah Hawkins says:

    Congratulations to my uncle and his beautiful wife! You both make an amiable couple. The wedding was lovely as well. God bless you both.

  59. Mr.& Mrs. George Karin Brown says:

    My husband and I were soo fortunate that we had the opportunity to share in this joyous occassion with Mr. & Mrs. Grubbs. Mr. Grubbs is my first cousin and I have yet to get to know him personally but God has made this meet possible in each of ours lives. And I thank you it was a beautiful wedding.


    Karin Daniels-Brown
    (daughter of the late Anna Lucinda Woodard

  60. Octavius & Robin Jackson says:

    Kim, you were a beautiful bride! Your pictures show how amazing your day turned out. Congratulations!

  61. Luz Sanchez says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!Beautiful Pictures and you look”ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and I really wish you both HAPPINESS for the years to come.

  62. Amie Barfield says:

    Kim you are so beautiful. May God rain down blessings on your marriage. Many Happy and Wonderful years together.

    Your neighbors,
    The Barfields

  63. Tara Davis says:

    As I look at the pictures and tears flow down my cheeks, I think about how blessed Kim and Jamon are to have one another. I am very thankful to be apart of their wedding. The pictures are beautiful and touch the true nature of Kim and Jamon together. Congratulations Kim and Jamon! I am proud of the both of you!

  64. Kim the pictures are wonderful, you look beautiful and happy.God bless you both.

  65. Lucia Miller says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Kim! I love the picture of the two girls with their apples- Priceless! I also love the picture of the two of you with your noses together. Best of luck and many well wishes-

  66. Beverly Walker says:

    Kim, You are so gorgeous! Everything looked like it turned out perfect for you. Congratulations to you and your handsome groom!

  67. Katie Morgan says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Mikayla said you look like a princess:-)

  68. Sheka Lewis says:

    Congrats!!! The wedding was beautiful!!! You guys look so happy!

  69. Shanika Grubbs says:

    Im so happy for the both of you. The wedding was beautiful and so was the bride. Love the pictures of the two flower girls. Congrats again to you and your handsome husband.

  70. Sallie says:

    Kim you were so beautiful on your big day!!! I wish you happiness and bleesings for years to come. Congrats!!!

  71. Megan Preston says:

    Kim, you look beautiful in all of your photos! I love the color scheme you chose- it is so unique and very pretty! I need to show your photos to my sister who is planning her wedding right now. Congratulations to you and Jamon! You both look so happy together:)

  72. Cheryl Gelarderes says:

    Kim, You look gorgeous! and the decor was exquisite. I wish you both much happiness.

  73. M.Kundert says:

    You two look so happy! Congratulations!!

  74. Lois Ivey says:

    Congratulations Kim and Jamon!!!
    Your wedding pictures are beautiful…and capture the love and happiness you both will share for a lifetime.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Lois Ivey

  75. Traci Plummer says:

    Great wedding pictures! You two look so happy together and very much in love. I wish you two the best and hope that God continues to bestow his many blessing upon you both. Remember to Live well, Laugh often, and Love much….

  76. deandre miller says:

    Nice pics

  77. Many heart-felt congrats & prayers to you both (Kim & Jamon)…May your long life together be as happy as are the pictures which were captured on your very special day:)

  78. Angela Joe says:

    My brother you and your bride are just a beatiful couple. The decor was exquisite. Kim your gown was simply gorgeous. The overall color scheme – beautiful. Great ceremony, beautiful couple, and years of happiness. Love, Angela, Jimmy and Alex Joe.

  79. Brenda says:

    Congratulations! You two looked awesome :)!

  80. kelly crabtree says:

    Congrats Kim! Everything looks so beautiful! You are gorgeous!

  81. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Grubbs
    My son, you and your bride are truly a blessed couple. The wedding was very beautiful and the entire setting was awesome. May God continue to bless you with love, joy and happiness for each other for years to come.

  82. I enjoyed everything about the wedding. The pictures are beautiful.

  83. Paula says:

    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Grubbs!!! You two are an amazing couple :)

  84. solomon woodard says:

    couple was as awesome as the photographs. Much success and happiness to the both of you in all future endeavors.

  85. mr&mrs willie woodard says:

    Congratulations Jamon & Kim, What a beautiful wedding! when I saw the bride in the glass elevator I thought it was an angel from heaven. The photos really showed how beautiful white and peach are together. May God keep his arms around you and the love that you have for each other.


  86. R. Yvette Hawkins says:

    Wow…this ceremony was worth the drive! Excellent choice, hotel atrium; very beautiful. Kim, not only were you a beautiful bride, but coming down on the glass elevator was a nice touch. Jamon, brother-in-law, how handsome you were in the white tux…sweet! I loved the entrance professional photo of you both, it simply implied, “Welcome!” Everything was just FABULOUS! You could not have chosen more perfect summer colors for a Florida wedding. Congratulations, you deserve each other and God bless ;)

  87. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Grubbs, your wedding pictures are so beautiful, your pictures express LOVE, FAITH, FAMILY and HAPPINESS. May GOD continue to Bless you as you travel through this new beginning, again “CONGRATULATIONS” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Terica Lynn says:

    Beautiful, beautiful photos and stunning couple. Congratulations and may God supply decades of wedded bliss!

  89. Sheril Stephen says:

    You look beautiful, very NICE!!!!

  90. LaGeorgia Brown says:

    Congratulations and the very best of luck to the both of you on this journey that you will now take. It is a great journey, one that i myself am happy that i have the privelege of having. The journey continues and I wish for the both of you that the path it takes will be filled with many blessings, fulfillment, lots of love, laughter, peace and most importantly communication. Your pictures are beautiful and I can see the love.

    The very best to the both of you.
    LaGeorgia Brown – IDS

  91. Tonia Smith says:

    Congratulations Kim!!!! You have some beautiful pictures and I know you have a blessed day!!! May God bless this union!!!!

  92. The pictures are very beautiful as well as the lovely couple.
    Congrats!! To the two of you.

  93. Julia/Davis' Cousin says:

    FINALLY!!!! YEAH!!!! Congrats Kim and Jamon. Excellent photos. I love the idea with the rings on the heel of the shoe. Thank you for sharing some of your special day with us.

    Julia/Davis’ Cousin

  94. Nicloe Richardson says:

    Such a beautiful couple!!! I really love you pictures Kim, can’t wait to see the others :-)

  95. Zakky Smith says:

    Kim, the pictures are amazing! You and Jamon are such a perfect couple. Now, I know who to call for help for my big day!

  96. A. Ganzy says:

    We really enjoyed ever beat of the wedding. These pictures really show how beautiful everything turned out :-)

  97. Barbara R. says:

    Wow, finally your last name has changed!! Sorry we missed this beautiful occasion, Kim you and your husband really make an awesome pair. My blessings go out to you and yours.

  98. Beverly says:

    I loved the wedding and am loving these pictures. God Bless you two :-)

  99. Crystal B. says:

    Sorry I miss the wedding your pictures are sooooo beautiful.

  100. Charles B. says:

    This wedding was one I could not miss. I wish the best to the both of you. God Bless.

  101. Thelma Pride says:

    Kim, girl you got me smiling ear to ear. you look SOoooo beautiful. Everything is so lovely. Nice looking hubby (smile). The setting and background I really love. may God bless you two. You will be placed on my prayer list for sure because a marriage without God is a failed marriage. Keep in touch with me. I love you.

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