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Gwen had the pleasure of meeting Holly & Brock a few months ago, but I finally had the chance to meet this amazing couple when we met up at Friendship Fountain for some downtown Jacksonville engagement photos. Holly had just had a trial make-up/hair session with the fabulous Faythe Mesic and we wanted to grab some shots of her and Brock. As we looked out at the downtown cityscape, Brock revealed that he thinks it’s the most beautiful location in Jacksonville. I think we’d have to agree!

Holly and Brock are outwardly very quiet but when you watch them look at each other, you see the sparkles in their eyes and the connection between them. They needed very little encouragement from us to wrap themselves in each other’s arms and share some tender kisses. I think what I like best about Holly & Brock is their classic, elegant look as a couple. Holly brings that Northeast sophistication while Brock contributes that Southern charm. It’s an amazing combination and something you can only appreciate by spending some time with them.

We’re really looking forward to their October wedding at the Bayfront Mansion in St Augustine and are even more excited to call them our friends. Holly and Brock, we can’t wait to hang out with you two again!

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  1. Holly Rejanovinshi says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! They are BEAUTIFUL! I can’t stop smiling when I see them! Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience for us! We can’t wait until October! :) Lots of love for you both! :)

  2. Brock says:

    Gwen and Matt, I can’t express how happy I am that you are our photographers! Holly and I settled in very quickly and having you two made us very comfortable! The shots are fantastic, and I think you have to know what love is to really capture it with the lens. You both did great!

    Thank you again!

  3. Administrator says:

    You guys are so sweet and we are really excited about October! That will be QUITE different from this shoot for sure!

  4. Richard Woznick says:

    They are a such a beautiful couple. These pictures are really, really great. A Great Set of Pictures of a great daughter and a soon to be great son-in-law. We wish the both of them the very best, always and forever.
    We Love You Both Very, Very Much….!!!!
    Love Always, Mom & Dad…!!!!!

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