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Matt and I just returned from a fun trip to Tennessee where we spent a few days in a chalet in a small town about 45 minutes north of Nashville. The main purpose of the trip was Jessica & Jeff’s engagement shoot in downtown Nashville, and we also made two stops in Atlanta to meet with another couple and also to visit with our friends at Get Married magazine! We used the time at the chalet to spend with our puppies and do some brainstorming. The puppies absolutely LOVED it, and we always enjoy trips where we can bring them along.

Here’s our adorable “little” chalet and a pic of Matt with the puppies in our back yard:


We were greeted by Miss Polly and Peanut and Taz enjoyed her daily visits:


Peanut and Taz felt so adventurous hopping around on the rocks and playing in the stream. Even though we were just in the backyard, they felt like real explorers. It was priceless!


We had wild turkeys in our yard on a few occasions, but unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of them. However, we did get a picture of one of the many butterflies in the yard:


I even held it on my hand! I am surprised I could stay still long enough for Matt to get a photo because it was starting to tickle me!


We’re already talking about returning during the week of Christmas. A quiet holiday in the mountains, cuddled up by a fire with our puppies and drinking mulled cider sounds like the perfect way to spend Christmas and New Year’s! What’s your favorite getaway to relax and unwind?

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It’s the big day. The bride is spending hours getting ready and wants a million photos to capture every single moment. The groom? Well, usually the groom is very low key about his getting ready shots, sometimes even hesitant because he doesn’t understand why they are important. But here are a few reasons why “guy shots” can be fun and rewarding:

1. It’s a good chance to hang out with the buddies and get some fun images. Often, the guys will get together before a wedding to hang out, relax a bit, and get ready for the wedding together. This time makes for some great candid shots.

2. It helps tell the complete wedding story. The bride is going to get lots of great photos, and if your package includes an album there will be a big piece of the story missing if it goes from “bride getting ready” straight to the ceremomy. Why not get some cool shots of the groom putting his suit or tux on? Getting some help adjusting his tie? The groom getting ready is one of those quiet moments before the wedding that a bride doesn’t get to see.

3. Guy shots can be cool. Think “Reservoir Dogs” or the Rat Pack. They don’t have to be very formal, although it’s nice to grab at least one semi-posed shot. But the rest can be pretty relaxed. Hanging out with cigars. Relaxing with a beer. Depending on the groom and his guys, the “guy shots” can be laid back, fun, and make for some awesome photos that all the guys will enjoy.

4. It’s a great opportunity to get a few formal photos of the groom alone, and the bride really wants to see a photo of her honey all dressed up in a tux!