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They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but no bride feels very lucky when it rains on her wedding day. All brides imagine the day with sunshine and blue skies. I know that’s what I envisioned when we planned our destination wedding in Jamaica. And I was SO sure I’d get my sunshine. After all, we were smart and looked at the average rainfall in Jamaica and chose February, which had the least amount of rain. I checked the weather reports almost daily, and the chance of rain leading up to the big day was 20% or lower. So I just KNEW it wouldn’t rain on my special day! The one we traveled to beautiful sunny Jamaica for to have our dream wedding in a tropical garden. Not a chance!

I think you know what’s coming next. Not only did it rain on our wedding day – during our outdoor ceremony – it rained HARD! We should have changed our first dance to “Ironic” by Alanis Morrissette: “It’s like rain on your wedding day.” I love hearing Matt tell the story because he’s so animated when he explains how the sky just opened and WHOOSH… downpour! Was our wedding day ruined? Not at all! We had to laugh about it. After the brief, but heavy, shower it was the most beautiful sunny day. As Matt says, it was “Game on!” once the sun came back out. We continued the ceremony and I’d say our officiant was right about the rain being lucky, because here we are happily married!

AND I have a personal story to share with our brides when it rains on their wedding day!

I’m editing a beautiful August wedding right now, and as I looked through the formal photos I realized that had it not been raining we wouldn’t have used this beautiful location:

It also would have been brutally hot and the light would have been brighter. Instead, we had a beautiful location that was dry, quiet, and had gorgeous light! Their family photos are some of my favorites ever, and I just love the shot above. I’m pretty sure the smiles on their faces show that no rain was going to take away from their happiness!

Back when I used to shoot nature photography, I took a photo of a yellow lily after a rain shower. I was captivated by the way the light reflected in raindrops on the petals, and I’m still influenced by that image to this day. When the sun shines after a rain shower, colors are so vibrant! So when I see rain early in the wedding day and the sun peeks back out, I started getting REALLY excited! Below is a shot from Beth & Mark’s wedding at the Jacksonville Zoo, and it’s still one of my favorite images. The bright colors and the playful expression on Mark’s face just make this such a cute image!

When we shot Becky & Matt’s Pittsburgh wedding in June, we were so excited because of the amount of time we had for photos between the ceremony and reception. They rented a trolley and we planned to go to Mt Washington and a few other places. We were like SWEET!! Then… it rained. Streets were seriously flooded. It was ugly, but Becky & Matt didn’t let it ruin their day. They are just awesome like that! We STILL went to Mt Washington for some outdoor photos, gray skies and all, and they rocked it out with cute umbrellas!

Honestly, had it been bright and sunny the city buildings might have been overexposed because I would have tried to shade them for even light and been metering for their faces. Instead, we had nice even light on Becky & Matt and also the background, plus I just think they look adorable kissing under the umbrella! : )

But the best thing about a rainy wedding day is that you can’t have a rainbow without rain! I’m getting ready to blog this gorgeous wedding at The Keeler Property where the rain made Cory & Tyler’s day extra special. Not only was the light rain during their ceremony beautiful (the sun just bounced through the soft mist) but when they walked down the aisle as husband and wife they came out to see a stunning double rainbow waiting for them! You just can’t plan a more perfect moment than that!

So while we wish for sunny skies and fluffy clouds for all our couples, we hope that they understand that you can still have a gorgeous wedding (and photos) on a rainy day! : )

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  1. ariane says:

    You’re making me wish for a rainy day. Love your examples and why they were actually better photographs due to the rain.

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks Ariane!

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