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It’s the moment of truth. Everyone waits as the bride and groom sweetly cut the cake together, wondering… will someone be sleeping on the couch or will they play nice? You really never know which way it will go, but the anticipation is enough to get everyone involved!

Some couples have an agreement before the wedding, while others are completely in the moment. We’ve seen some pretty crazy cake battles, and the bride usually wins. Now, Matt will lie and tell you that it’s always the bride who wants to smash the cake in the groom’s face. No, I insist that it’s the groom that instigates the cake fight, so ladies, you should always let the groom go first so that you are ARMED!

This series below is from a wedding that we shot at Club Continental. The groom got a little bit too playful, and, well… I think you can see what happened next:

Club Continental Wedding Photos

But the award for Best Cake Cutting EVER would have to go to Amanda & Chris. Everything seemed to be going smooth, until Chris got a little cake on Amanda’s nose. The next thing we know, Amanda smashes cake all over Chris’s face and BOLTS out the door! Chris reaches into the cake, grabs a handful, and goes running after her. They come back in and are just covered in cake:

Green Cove Springs Wedding Photos

Knowing how playful and fun Amanda & Chris are, I’m sure they still think about it and laugh just as hard as they did that day. Most couples who get into a cake battle have fun with it. Besides, what’s better than sweet icing kisses?!

So what do you think about the cake cutting? Should couples play nice or is it tradition to get messy?

4 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday | The Cake Cutting | Jacksonville Wedding Photographers”

  1. Beth says:

    Why waste a perfectly good piece of cake on someones face. I’d much rather eat it, but if the cake taste bad hey go ahead and smash it. :)

  2. Administrator says:

    Good point! It’s interesting to see how each couple approaches the cake cutting. I wonder if anyone would go back and do it differently. We didn’t smash our wedding cake, but I think if we had to do it over we might put a little frosting on the nose or something!

  3. Sandy says:

    My sister and her husband surprised everyone and observed the cake face-smash tradition at their wedding and both bride and groom ended up with faces like Chris above (see Amanda and Chris)! It was playful and fun, a great hit with the crowd and I thought the highlight of the day!

  4. Kizzy says:

    I have to agree! I already know Darren will hit me first with the cake. . .LOL, but well I guess we will see what happens :)

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