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We LOVE a good love story, and LaTisha & Kyle’s story is the kind that makes you believe that we are all destined to be with that one special person. They met several years ago, but life took them in different directions until one day Kyle’s brother helped put them back on the path towards each other. Though the years kept them apart, it also brought them closer together as they promised to never let each other go again.

LaTisha & Kyle live in Altamonte, but when they decided to come to Jacksonville for their engagement photos we brought them to the most beautiful beach location that Jacksonville has to offer – the ethereal shores of Big Talbot Island. Overcast skies just added to the mystery and beauty of the island, and with no one around LaTisha & Kyle were able to get caught up in kisses and caresses among the wave-worn branches of fallen oak trees. They were at ease with each other in a way that only happens when you love someone wholly, deeply, and without reservation. The one word that resonates when we look back at these images is… bliss.

As the sun descended behind a cloudy veil, it yielded ribbons of pink throughout the purple sky. We left the island and caught the last ferry across the St Johns River, enjoying the lights on the water and the salty evening air. We ended the day by sharing one last “taste” of Jacksonville at Singletons Seafood Shack before they made their way to Palm Coast to visit family for Labor Day weekend.

LaTisha & Kyle, we hope you enjoyed your visit to Jacksonville! We had a great time laughing with you and we look forward to seeing you again soon! : )

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  1. Holly says:

    They came out AWESOME!! I *love* the picture where the sky is a light purple! So beautiful!

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