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If home is where the heart is, then what better of a reception location than your own backyard! Backyard receptions make it easy to personalize décor and create a comfortable ambiance for your guests. Here’s a few tips on how to make the party picture perfect! Tents are great way to dress up your yard. These days there’s a tent style to match any wedding theme. I love this one below. It’s perfect for a whimsical spring wedding.

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

Romantic atmospheres can also be created in your backyard by playing with lights and floral arrangements. Talk with a professional tent company about a dance floor and the possibility of chandeliers to really dress it up!

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

Hosting from your home can also save you a few bucks! Beverages at this backyard wedding were served from old wine bottles. Call up a local wine retailer and ask for their old bottles. Clean them off and label them with sharpie for a personal touch!

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

Speaking of personal touches, check out this great idea I found at The Knot. Guest seating doesn’t require renting tons of chairs. In this picture, bails of hay and colorful quilts do the trick! You can also bring out couches, mismatch chairs or just layout blankets. To keep the atmosphere cozy, I suggest fat candles in hurricane vases for warm light and paper lanterns hanging from tree limbs for a festive atmosphere.

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

If your envisioning a yard full of flowers, make sure you begin planting well in advance. Do your research. Ask yourself “Which flowers will be in full bloom for my wedding,” “How long will it take for the flowers to fill out,” and “Will they hold through the winter?” Work on that green thumb; you won’t regret it!

Southern wedding backyard reception photos

Backyard receptions are personal and affordable, but it takes a lot of planning and time. To take off some of the stress, don’t be afraid to hire an event planner and ask for professional advice from florists, caterers, photographers and rental companies- after all they are the experts! So what are you waiting for? Start planning!

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