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Getting married is incredibly exciting and I know you can’t wait to walk down the aisle, but when the flowers are chosen, the cake tasted and the invitations sent there is still one major detail needed to get married…the marriage license! Here are a few important tips to make sure that your big day goes without a hitch.

1.Find out when your county clerk office is open, and how long it will take to get the license. It typically take a few business days to complete the paperwork filing process, but it varies by state and can take as long as two months!

2.Get your (and your partners) blood tested. Most states require blood tests when applying for a marriage license to check for venereal disease. (If your married in Florida your in luck-no blood tests required!)

3.Bring photo identification and your social security number for each of you. There is also a fee involved, typically between 50 and 90 dollars. Both partners need to be present at the county clerk to file for the license.

4.For all you Florida residents, you are required to take a premarital preparation course before your file for the license. It does require an extra step, but some counties give as much as a 30 dollar discount upon completion!

Visit to find the closest county clerk office to you. Oh the things we do for love!

2 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday | It’s in the Details | Dress Talk with Solutions Bridal Designer House”

  1. Beth says:

    I think you only have to take the premarital course if you want to, good incentive for discounted marriage license. Mark and I never took it though and we got our license. A good tip though if you are getting married in Florida you can get your marriage license in any county and it’s good for the entire state.

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks for the clarification Beth! This was written by our guest blogger, and since we didn’t get married in Florida I wouldn’t know the requirements. We had someone handle the paperwork for us, which was so nice, too!

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