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Shooting with Justin & Mary

December 13, 2010

I’m still recovering from all the fun I had this weekend with the awesome Justin & Mary Marantz! They flew down from Connecticut to shoot a wedding in Miami and invited me to come along and help out. Secretly, I think they helped me more than I helped them! I learned so much just watching them in action. But then, over the years I’ve learned so much from them, whether through their blog, their workshops and presentations (like their Spread The Love tour), and from a private mentor session I had with them last year. Seriously, photographers, other wedding vendors, and even brides and grooms should follow their blog! It will inspire you!

One big thing I learned this weekend was that you can create amazing images even if the situation is not ideal. You’ll never know by looking at their images that the bridal suite was filled with ladies getting ready and gift bags filling the floor. I admitted to them that I just always thought their getting ready images look like they had a huge room with a lot of open space and very few people in the room. And while they often get a lot of time for formal photos, the wedding this weekend was on a bit of a time crunch and they still shot incredible couple shots and family photos. They just blow me away. Give them a challenge, and they will find a way to make it work. And while they are both incredibly talented, I’m more impressed by how they work as a team. They are just all kinds of awesome!

They just posted a sneak peek of Lauren & Matias’ Miami wedding photos on their blog today! What a sweet and adorable couple! The wedding was beautiful, so you don’t want to miss all the details!

Justin & Mary, thank you so much for this opportunity! My head is spinning with ideas and thoughts about the upcoming year, and I really appreciate you challenging me to start thinking about what we want to happen in 2011. Matt gets back from his trip tonight and we have so much to talk about! We both are so thankful for all the knowledge that you share and for your encouragement! We can never give back all that you have given us! : )

2 Responses to “Shooting with Justin & Mary”

  1. Steph says:

    Crazy! What an awesome (friggin awesome) opportunity for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it over lunch (are we pushing summer of 2011 yet?) miss ya friend! ~S.

  2. Mary Marantz says:

    Love you!! You rocked our socks!


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