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The Mountain

December 30, 2010

It’s one of those things that I just never thought I’d do. It was a hobby reserved for brave people. Adventurous types who might even see a foot cast as a badge of honor. I’ve never broken a bone in my life, and I’d like to keep it that way!

I never thought I’d EVER go skiing.

Even last night as I tried to go to sleep I wasn’t sure I’d actually go. I mean, we could buy a Wii for about the same price as two lift tickets and equipment rentals. And they have a ski game, right?

But skiing is really a metaphor for all challenges. It’s more about trying something I never thought I’d do (never thought I could do). It’s about listening to the voice that says “I can!” instead of the one shouting reasons why I can’t. So early this morning we headed toward Mount Southington and I attempted to conquer the mountain. As I made my way from the bunny hill to the more advanced slope, I thought about how the experiences on the slope were analogies for every day life:

If you panic in fear that you’re going to fall, you’ll almost certainly cause it to happen.

Falling is a part of learning. If you can embrace that, it will only make you better. When it happens, just brush yourself off and start again.

Life can be a slippery slope, but these things will help you stay balanced: patience, confidence, and determination.

You can’t stay on the bunny hill forever. Even if you fall four times on the advanced hill, at least you gave it a shot!

There will always be crazy people coming at you. Just stand aside and let that mess keep going on its way instead of getting tangled up in it. (so, so true)

Believing in yourself is the most important thing, but it always helps to have someone to encourage and support you along the way. (thankfully, I have Matt)

So what are some things that you’ve wanted to try but haven’t yet? New Year’s is just around the corner, so maybe 2011 is the time to make it happen!

The one who encourages me through it all

About to head down the part of the slope where I had my first fall of the day just 4 hours earlier! This time... I made it! ; )

Matt and his Dad coming down the biggest slope

4 Responses to “The Mountain”

  1. Holly Herrin says:

    You’re so cute Gwen! You look so little in your ski outfit! I am glad you attempted it~ that is exactly how I feel about skiing right now~ never have~ maybe one day… :)

  2. Administrator says:

    Well, if it makes you feel any better it doesn’t hurt to fall! : ) The most important thing is to learn how to stop and the next most important thing is to learn how to slow yourself down. From what I saw it’s the people who want to go zooming really fast that got hurt. You should try it sometime!

  3. Stacie says:

    How funny- Tim and I just went skiing for the first time too! IT was crazy scary and fun! Sounds like you did better than me. We were at it all day literally 8 hours and I only made it down the mountain 3 times without wipping out horrible. Sooo much fun! You both looked all professional though : )

  4. Administrator says:

    Actually, you did better than me! I think I only made it down the bunny hill twice without falling at all. I wiped out at least 4 times coming down the intermediate hill and I was so scared!!

    Matt’s awesome. He spent most of the time on the biggest one when he wasn’t with me. Some day I’ll get there! But any time you guys going skiing let us know! We can share a cabin!

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