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We’ve been watching the weather along with Sharifa & Jerry, waiting for one of those perfect Florida “winter” days to take advantage of for their engagement session. We got one of those days last weekend – bright and sunny and upper 60s. It was the perfect opportunity!

We met up for their engagement photos in downtown Jacksonville, using some of the eclectic buildings as a backdrop. Like most couples, they were a little shy at first. It was really cute, but toward the end you could see that they felt a lot more comfortable and they just ROCKED it! We tried going to one location, but as luck would have it security saw us and said that we had to call ahead to use the space. I even tried to say that they met each other there, but it didn’t work!

Looking back, that was a blessing! Sharifa had mentioned that she liked this one location she had seen us use before, and had we not gotten kicked out of the other one we may not have made it over there. It turned out to be my favorite spot of the day! The lighting was perfect, and the background went so well with what Sharifa & Jerry had chosen for outfit #2. These are some of our favorite images from the day, because they really let loose and had some fun with it! I mean really, how hot are they?!!!

I loved going through all of the photos and seeing how they transformed from the cute, shy couple to the completely sexy couple at the end. Wow!!

Sharifa & Jerry, you two are gorgeous inside and out! We hope that you had some fun, and we can’t wait to see you again soon! : )



















We just got back from shooting Sharifa & Jerry’s engagement photos in downtown Jacksonville, and we wanted to post a sneak peek! They tried to act shy, but the truth is that they are really stylish and sexy!

More to come on Tuesday!


Yesterday we shared Part I of Emily & Justin’s wedding at the Sundy House with some of the getting ready photos, ceremony, and formal photos. Today we’re continuing with some of the more candid photos from the reception!

So what do you think? Is this a group that knows how to have fun or what?!

Singer/songwriter Cat Shell and her band kept things moving all night! Her style reminded me a bit of Lauryn Hill and Joss Stone, but you’d have to list about 20 singers to describe her unique sound! You have to check out her site and her debut CD – she’s phenomenal!

But she wasn’t the only singer of the evening. Emily’s sister, Amy, entertained everyone with a Spice Girls performance that had everyone cracking up (see pics below). And we actually have Amy to thank for telling Emily & Justin about us! She was a guest at Alli & Natan’s wedding at the the Key Largo Marriott and shared our work with her family. Thanks Amy! : )

We’ve put together a slideshow with some highlights from Emily & Justin’s wedding day. We hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed capturing the images!
















Emily & Justin’s wedding vendors:

Venue: The Sundy House
Hair: JoAnna from Odeon Salon
Makeup: Georgio Fernandez from LadyLash
Dress: Bellissima Bridal
Event and Floral Design: Boca By Design
Cake Designer: Couture Cakes
Entertainment: Cat Shell

The 2011 wedding season has officially started, and our first wedding has set the bar pretty high for the rest of the year! We traveled down to Delray Beach for Emily & Justin’s wedding at the Sundy House, a charming boutique hotel with real South Florida style! Beyond the historic building you’ll find a maze of tropical plants and waterfalls (and my favorite feature – the natural swimming pool with fish swimming in it!). Truly a stunning location for a wedding!

But what really made this wedding memorable was more than the gorgeous setting. It was the way that Emily practiced dancing with her father the morning of the wedding. It was the way that Justin was full of nervous excitement as he waited for his bride during their First Look. It was laughing so hard that you cry from a karaoke performance of a Spice Girls song. And Emily crinkling her nose to be cutesy with Justin, or him stealing glances at her because she of how amazing she looked. But most of all, it was how close Emily & Justin’s families showed such a tremendous amount of love and support for them. Really, it was so heartwarming to see how close they all are.

We’ve enjoyed remembering their wedding day as we sort through all of the photos. It was an overwhelming task to narrow down all of the photos for the blog post, so we decided to break it into two parts! Today we’re sharing photos from the morning of the wedding, the ceremony and some of the formal photos. Tomorrow we’ll show some of the gorgeous decor and fun moments from the reception!

Here’s a list of the amazing vendors that made Emily & Justin’s wedding day perfect:

Venue: The Sundy House
Hair: JoAnna from Odeon Salon
Makeup: Georgio Fernandez from LadyLash
Dress: Bellissima Bridal
Event and Floral Design: Boca By Design
Cake Designer: Couture Cakes
Entertainment: Cat Shell































If you’ve been wondering whether you should or shouldn’t have a cocktail hour at your wedding, here are a few reasons why a cocktail hour is a good idea:

1. Hungry guests are unhappy guests – There can be a significant amount of time between when your ceremony gets out and when food gets served at your reception. Having a little cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres will give your guests something to nosh on and it helps create a very social atmosphere that will lead to more fun and dancing later in the night.

Cocktail Hour

2. Make it yours – A cocktail hour is another fun opportunity for you to incorporate some personal touches into the wedding. Have a theme to your wedding? Incorporate it into your cocktail hour. You can also create nostalgia with family recipes or create new traditions with signature drinks!

Cocktail Hour - Signature Drinks

3. Give yourself some Meet and Greet time – So many couples end up doing rounds of all the tables while their guests eat, resulting in them NOT eating. If you host a cocktail hour before your reception begins, this gives you a great opportunity to say hi to all your guests, unwind a little bit, and just relax after all the earlier stress of the wedding day.

Cocktail Hour

4. Candid Photos – A cocktail hour is a great time for your photographer to work the crowd, grabbing fun shots of everyone hanging out and laughing, or capturing some of those group shots that weren’t on your formal group shot list, but that you still want. The candid shots from a cocktail hour help tell the entire story of your wedding day.

St. Augustine Wedding Photos

Jacksonville, FL – January 25, 2011 – WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, is thrilled to announce Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography has been selected to receive the prestigious annual WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011 for Wedding Photographers!

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Bride's Choice Awards 2011 | Jacksonville Wedding Photographers

We just got back from an amazing time shooting Emily & Justin’s wedding at the Sundy House in Delray Beach! We couldn’t wait to share one of the images from their gorgeous wedding! More to come soon!

Wedding at the Sundy House

Dress Talk is a bi-weekly post featuring wedding dress shopping and gown advice by guest blogger Kayleigh Hicks of Solutions Bridal Designer House. This is Kayleigh’s first post on Wedding Wednesday, and she’s chosen a really fun topic! I hope you’re as excited as we are!

And don’t forget to add The Bridal Closet, official blog of Solutions Bridal Designer House, to your blog reader!

First let me start off by saying how excited I am to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger! I am in awe of the quality and creative art that is Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography. Our contribution to Wedding Wednesdays will hopefully be very informative and fun, and I am happy to be a part of it!

Now to the good stuff…

Engagement Photos! Everyone wants them to be perfect because it is one of the first things a bride and groom to-be will share with the world. Pictures speak a thousand words, and these photos should show your love and devotion, and represent you as a couple in every respect.

Engagement photos should be an exciting experience for you and your fiancé, but, capturing all of those emotions and experiences in a few photos can be a lot to think about! How do you choose a theme? What should you wear? And where should you take these oh-so important photos?

Really, it all comes down to your personal style. But that is the beauty of engagement photos! You get to have fun creating the exact pictures of your dreams. There are no set rules you have to follow, no dress code, and no specific style you have to use. The only thing you have to worry about is making them your own!

A recent trend I am absolutely in love with is theme engagement photos. They may not be for everyone, but if you are a couple willing to take a chance you will wow your friends and family with these unique and memorable pictures.

The sky is the limit in your creativity with these one-of-a-kind photos!

I love this Day at the Fair, Ferris Wheel theme. It is so colorful and playful!

jacksonville fair engagement photos

Source: Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography

“The Notebook” film inspired photos above are so creative and fun for the movie loving, retro couple!


Source: - ( and Blushing Bride Studio, Montreal ( )

This vibrant and colorful city theme is perfect for the modern couple looking to express their style!

themed engagement photos

Source: ( and Henry Sun form H Creatives Photography , California (

The key to creating the ideal set of engagement photos is to tailor them to your style and preference. So, whether you are a jeans and t-shirt on the beach simplest, or an extravagant Casablanca theme photo couple, the most important thing to remember is the reason for the pictures in the first place, which is the love you share with your special someone. Don’t sweat it, if you love the pictures, everyone else will too!

Christmas on the Farm

January 18, 2011

By Matt Tundermann

A number of years ago, my parents decided to start Summer Brook Valley Farm Alpacas as a side business. Alpacas, for those who don’t know, are part of the Camelid family and are raised in the U.S. for their fiber, which is higher quality than sheep’s wool and hypoallergenic. What started with a mother and two baby boys (babies are called crias) living on another farm has grown into over half an acre of cleared land, a barn, multiple paddocks, and over a dozen alpacas, two baby doll sheep, and two guard llamas.

Most of the alpacas are a little skittish, although one, Aurora, loves to give kisses (if you lean over towards her, she’ll touch her nose to your nose). The newest additions to the farm are perhaps my favorites now; little Cocoa and Cookie, the two baby doll sheep. They’re short and squat, have small, cute little faces, and make the loudest “Baaaaa” sounds you ever heard.

Sometimes it’s weird thinking of my parents owning and running a farm, but it’s also fun to wake up, look out the back window over the snow-covered fields, and watch these funny, furry creatures walking around. It’s especially funny when we let the puppies out and all the alpacas, sheep, and llamas come running out of the barn to stare at them.

If you’re ever in Connecticut, you should head to Middletown to visit the farm!