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Dress Talk is a bi-weekly post featuring wedding dress shopping and gown advice by guest blogger Kayleigh Hicks of Solutions Bridal Designer House. This is Kayleigh’s first post on Wedding Wednesday, and she’s chosen a really fun topic! I hope you’re as excited as we are!

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First let me start off by saying how excited I am to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger! I am in awe of the quality and creative art that is Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography. Our contribution to Wedding Wednesdays will hopefully be very informative and fun, and I am happy to be a part of it!

Now to the good stuff…

Engagement Photos! Everyone wants them to be perfect because it is one of the first things a bride and groom to-be will share with the world. Pictures speak a thousand words, and these photos should show your love and devotion, and represent you as a couple in every respect.

Engagement photos should be an exciting experience for you and your fiancé, but, capturing all of those emotions and experiences in a few photos can be a lot to think about! How do you choose a theme? What should you wear? And where should you take these oh-so important photos?

Really, it all comes down to your personal style. But that is the beauty of engagement photos! You get to have fun creating the exact pictures of your dreams. There are no set rules you have to follow, no dress code, and no specific style you have to use. The only thing you have to worry about is making them your own!

A recent trend I am absolutely in love with is theme engagement photos. They may not be for everyone, but if you are a couple willing to take a chance you will wow your friends and family with these unique and memorable pictures.

The sky is the limit in your creativity with these one-of-a-kind photos!

I love this Day at the Fair, Ferris Wheel theme. It is so colorful and playful!

jacksonville fair engagement photos

Source: Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography

“The Notebook” film inspired photos above are so creative and fun for the movie loving, retro couple!


Source: - ( and Blushing Bride Studio, Montreal ( )

This vibrant and colorful city theme is perfect for the modern couple looking to express their style!

themed engagement photos

Source: ( and Henry Sun form H Creatives Photography , California (

The key to creating the ideal set of engagement photos is to tailor them to your style and preference. So, whether you are a jeans and t-shirt on the beach simplest, or an extravagant Casablanca theme photo couple, the most important thing to remember is the reason for the pictures in the first place, which is the love you share with your special someone. Don’t sweat it, if you love the pictures, everyone else will too!

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