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The ultimate glam girl, Faythe began her career as a freelance makeup artist 12 years ago and has continued to be a sought after artist nationwide. She has taken her time and broken down makeup artistry to a science. Her product knowledge in tandem with her absolute innate artistic eye truly makes her outstanding. Now in addition to being an absolutely fantastic bridal makeup artist–Faythe can be found on a regular basis at all the fashion forward photo shoots–directing models, stylizing, doing everything and anything to make sure that her artistic vision is a living canvas so to speak. She understands how to make her vision translate onto the different mediums that different venues require of her–only making her have a deeper understanding of the mechanics of makeup and how to be ready for every and any situation–ultimately making her the mixed media guru of makeup. Married to German hunky hubby Kasim Mesic, in the summer of 2009 Alex joined her family and surprise 11 months later another blessing Karson completed the Mesic crew.

In Your design sessions you talk about creating a girl’s personal bridal style. What is that?
You spent a lot of time picking out that perfect dress and your accessories. I am trained to not only find colors that look good on you, but to find a look that compliments the style of your dress. If your dress is romantic, for example, you may opt for a softer look. If your dress is modern or unconventional, you’ll probably want a makeup style that will fit the same description. A true professional make-up artist has an artistic eye and knows exactly what colors and techniques are needed to enhance your best features while sticking with your personal bridal style.

Do you have to use different makeup for the wedding day and photos?
Having a camera ready appearance is essential. Often a bride will not bat an eyelash at hiring a professional hairdresser to come to her house for her wedding day hairdo and pay substantially for it, yet she will throw away her investment but choosing to do her own make-up and later lament her decision after seeing the wedding pictures. A skillful makeup artist adds subtle contouring that will remedy the five to ten pounds a camera puts on without making you look “overdone” for your wedding day. I have received advanced training in make-up education, face shapes, color analysis and are also skilled in camouflage or other techniques to minimize flaws in your skin. Often times we do not realize that when taking pictures, it is the little details that need to be adjusted from your everyday makeup.

What are some bridal makeup trends that will be popular in the spring and summer?
Strong Brows
Multidimensional Eye Looks
Smoldering gold, copper and brown eyes
Red lip stains
Orangey/red lip tones

Is there a certain product that you think is flattering on all skin tones and types?
Everyone looks great in a smoky eye and pale lips. Maybe not always in blacks and greys but smoke an eye out with purple or browns with Gold…just depends on the eye color. Lashes are also a gal’s best friend. Everyone looks beautiful with lashes!

What 5 products are always in Faythe’s makeup bag?
Hd Graftobian Foundation
Mac Brow Pencils
Makeup Up Forever Eyeshadows
Ben Nye Cream Blushers
Black Liners in gel, cream, and pencil

What is the biggest mistake you see women making with their makeup?
Trying to force one color of foundation to work over their entire face. Skin will generally have multiple tones, darker on the edges and brighter throughout the t zone area. When you use one shade of foundation, the tone of the makeup is not a great fit in one or more parts of the face. This is why it’s so important to have a professional makeup artist when you get married or are taking important images documenting your life.

Tell me a quick make up tip?
Make your eye shadow last around the clock by basing all of your shadow colors with a crème color base.

What bridal beauty advice can you give us?
Don’t be a slave to trends. They don’t always work for everybody especially of it is not within your comfort zone. Find your own beauty style with your makeup artist and you will cherish your wedding photos.

What makeup item do you think every woman should use and why?.
Wearing a great coat of mascara is the perfect way to instantly wake up the face and give it a little lift .

What is your favorite feature to emphasize on a woman?
No doubt always the eyes. Eyes tell an instant story. They are intoxicating! Eyes are also the one feature that you can effortlessly use to recreate yourself a million times over.

You just recently opened a makeup studio, tell us about it.
I guess you could say I am officially “moved in” in Jacksonville. When I found out I was pregnant with Alex I knew my days as an international makeup artist would be put on hold for a while. I never dreamed that while leaving the fashion industry was painful, I would find my love and passion for brides.
The “Glamour Studio” is located on the Southside of Jacksonville inside the wedding party. I love the romantic feel of my studio space. I want women to feel as if they have stepped into the dressing room of a movie star. We have glossy caramel wood floors, white chandeliers, platinum and tiffany blue walls, comfy and inviting chase lounges, and of course beautiful images of my bride’s grace the walls. My brides are treated to pink champagne and cake truffles at their design session and are encouraged to bring 2 friends with them to enjoy the bridal experience.

Tell us about your new makeup line.
I wanted to develop a line that had the quality of chanel makeup but cost less than MAC. I believe that a flawless face is key to every woman’s beauty so we custom mix foundations and blend colors to create a perfect palette for each woman. Our colors are highly pigmented so they will last a long time and all of our products have tons of moisturizer in them to keep your skin young and ageless.

What is your life advice going into marriage?
Be true to yourself, don’t lose yourself and the person he fell in love with in the first place. Every marriage is different and not a single one perfect. Learn what works for your relationship and be very careful who’s advice you listen to. Remember it’s about him and you, no one else……..xoxo


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    I *LOVE* Faythe and I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her to anyone! Love her to pieces- so talented and so sweet! I couldn’t imagine having anyone else at my wedding to do my hair and makeup~ she’s the best!

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