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Dress Talk is a bi-weekly post featuring wedding dress shopping and gown advice by guest blogger Kayleigh Hicks of Solutions Bridal Designer House. Make sure to check back for more bridal fashion information and also add The Bridal Closet, official blog of Solutions Bridal Designer House, to your blog reader!

I want to start off by saying congratulations to Leigh Anne and Patrick! I am sure you are going to enjoy your amazing wedding day photography package! It was such a tough decision, and all of the couples were fantastic! We wish you all the best :) Thank you to Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography for letting Solutions Bridal participate in this awesome giveaway!

Now to Wedding Wednesday’s…

Everyday we have the exciting privilege of helping brides-to-be find, and fall in love with, the wedding gown of their dreams! It is hands down the best part about our job at Solutions Bridal. Our stylists have years of experience and exceeding amounts of knowledge in all things bridal attire related. It is this attention to detail and expert guidance that goes a long way when helping a bride decide on her day-of dress.

The world of wedding attire design is quite extensive, and all of the choices available, while they are great to have, can ultimately make the decision of the final gown selection seemingly impossible! Some brides know exactly what they are looking for before they even walk into our salon, and that decisiveness is the perfect attitude to have when searching for your stunning gown. On the other hand, many brides come to us with a general knowledge of a style or silhouette they love, but quickly become overwhelmed in this world of tulle, trains, and tiaras, and begin to dread the decision that was once an exciting experience.

Being stylish is simple, but making that all important final gown decision might not be. We absolutely love seeing all of our brides try on their top choices in-store, but all too often our brides-to-be look great in so many of their choices that they fall in love with more than one gown!

Trust us when we say that this dilemma is a GOOD thing. Adoring more than one gown just means that whatever choice you make is a great decision! To help further the decision making process we usually ask our brides these three questions…

1. Does it fit with your personality and sense of style?
You want to look extra special on your Big Day, but if the dress is the opposite of something you would usually pick, you may not feel the same adoration after you leave the store. Our advice is to pick a gown that reflects your personal style, but is also extra-ordinary to ensure you dazzle more than ever on your I-Do day! Your wedding day is all about you, and your gown should compliment and accentuate your personality to showcase the best possible you!

2. Do you feel comfortable in the dress?
It is essential that you feel comfortable and confident in this dress. You will be in it for 8-10 hours, maybe longer, and the last thing you want to have to worry about is adjusting your gown or feeling self conscious. Comfort is key when choosing your wedding gown!

3. Can you envision yourself walking down the isle toward your future husband in this dress?
We always ask our future brides to look at their gown from as many angels as possible to guarantee they love it no matter what. Sometimes, the deciding factor for a bride happens the moment we ask them to take a few steps back from the mirror. This allows them to see the complete image and vision of themselves in the gown. From a distance, the bride pictures what they will look like walking down the isle on their wedding day. This is usually when we cue the tears! It is always such a touching moment when the bride realizes that the decision is made. This is HER gown, and this is the dream dress she will wear down the isle to marry the love of her life!

Moral of the story, picking your gown should be one of the most exciting things you do in your wedding planning process. Try not to stress, and remember the overall reason for the purchase of the gown, which is to marry your perfect other half on your wedding day! Choosing a gown is definitely a huge decision, but you already made the biggest decision when you said YES! Everything after that is just icing on the cake!


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