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One of our favorite things to do after a wedding is a Trash The Dress session (or a Day After session). We have several scheduled for this year (mostly for destination weddings) so we thought we would share a few thoughts about why you should add a Day After/Trash The Dress session to your photography package!

More Relaxed Setting
The wedding day is usually pretty hectic and includes a tight schedule. Most couples schedule some time between the ceremony and reception to do some photos, but more often than not it’s not enough time. Besides, it’s tough to concentrate on photos when you’re ready to party! A day-after session is a great chance to take pictures in a more relaxed setting without all the hustle and bustle.


A Chance to Get Creative
Let’s face it, most brides are concerned about getting that white wedding dress dirty on the wedding day. But you’re going spend a ton of money to get it cleaned anyways, so why not try something fun and creative by doing a day-after photo session. The phrase “Trash the Dress” gets thrown out there a lot, but it doesn’t actually mean you have to destroy your wedding dress. A “Trash the Dress” or “Day After” session can be whatever you want, from going into a field to finding some cool urban settings.


Show Your Personality
You’ve got that amazing dress, why not show it off! And a great way to do that is use some of your favorite accessories. Have a hot pair of shoes? Wear them with your wedding dress. Have some cool jewelry pieces? Perfect! A Day-After session will let your personality shine. One of my favorite examples is one of our brides who’s a total cowgirl at heart. She wanted to take photos in her dress with her favorite pair of cowgirl boots, her cowgirl hat, and her awesome denim jacket. The photos were totally her style and personality and let her have a lot of fun with her wedding dress.


2 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday | Day After and Trash The Dress Photos | Jacksonville Wedding Photographers”

  1. Paige says:

    I’m interested in doing some Trash the Dress photos, and I live in Florida, so I was thinking to do them on the beach and in the ocean. I was wondering if that would ruin my dress, or if I could have it dry cleaned and usable again. I would like to be able to keep it, but would love the contrasting pictures. Would sand and salt water actually ruin my dress?

    Thank you!


  2. Administrator says:

    It would depend on the material, but if you are thinking of preserving your dress I wouldn’t actually plan on “trashing” it. We’ve only had one bride go into the ocean and she didn’t plan to keep her dress. The other TTD sessions we’ve shot the dresses weren’t ruined, but the photos were still fun and creative.

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