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After having to cancel plans to go see Bridesmaids last week, I finally got to go see it with Matt yesterday (for free thanks to a promotion going on at Best Buy). Everyone said the movie was funny, and I’m sure after I see it a couple more times I’ll be quoting it. I could have lived without some of the gross over-the-top humor that was in it, but if you can get past all of that you’ll find that there are actually some things to take away from this movie.

Weddings can bring out the best and the worst in us.

When you put a group of women together, there are bound to be differences and conflicts, but it’s important to move past them before things get, well, ugly!

When you commit to a wedding, you aren’t just supporting the bride emotionally. You’re also committing to some financial investment.

The dress, alterations, shoes, the parties and trips – they all add up, so when you’re asked to be a bridesmaid consider the financial responsibility that it involves. And brides, don’t ask your bridesmaids to get a dress that is almost 3 times the amount of their paycheck.

You need an anthem!

Music is nostalgic, and nothing helps you bond better than a chick anthem! I have no shame in admitting that I totally love “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips and I’m so glad it was in the movie. You know you want to sing out loud, so here’s the video. Go ahead and get your jam on (I won’t tell!).

Another thing you need… a bridesmaid who can Keep It Real!

When things get a little crazy and the bridesmaids start getting emotional over silly things, you need that one bridesmaid to tell it like it is!

Just because a dress is expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to look good.

That’s why you need your bridesmaids there to be brutally honest when the dress you try on is just ridiculous!

Remember why you’re in the wedding.

Weddings can be emotional and stressful (both good and bad), but in the end it’s important to remember why you’re in the wedding in the first place. You’re there to support the bride on her most important day, so just keep that in mind and have a good time!


Even after a 13 hour day I still feel like Melissa & Josh’s wedding at the River House went by too fast! It was a gorgeous wedding and we were sad to see the day come to an end, but what a day it was! We’re excited to tell you all the details, but for now we just have one image of the newlyweds to share with you… : )



Cassandra & Terrance are still on their honeymoon, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share their wedding photos from last weekend! It was an amazing day from start to finish, so we’re sharing a *few* more photos than we usually do!

While I was with the girls, Matt had a lot of time to shoot details. The room he was in only had a small window, but the light that was coming in was just gorgeous! In fact, most of the day we had amazing light to work with. We were just in heaven with the golden sunlight and the vibrant green setting at the Ramona Pavilion.

The reception was so much fun! Everyone was dancing and having a good time. Cassandra completely surprised us when she got Terrance with the wedding cake! She’s just so sweet and innocent that I never expected that from her!

There was a lot of laughter and also some very heartfelt moments. When it came time to do speeches, so many people came up to share their love and support for Cassandra & Terrance. Though the stories were all different, there was one theme throughout all of the speeches – that these two are meant to be! They really are two of the sweetest people, and we are so happy to seem them married!!

Cassandra & Terrance, we hope that you are having a wonderful time on your honeymoon and that these pictures bring back memories of a very beautiful day! Congratulations! : )

Ceremony Venue: The Potter’s House Multiplex
Officiant: Minister Foriest Cannon
Ceremony Decor and Flowers: Alpha & Omega
Reception Venue: The Ramona Pavilion
Reception Decor: The Ramona Pavilion
Hair and Makeup: Charleeta Foster
DJ: Space Age
Cake: Publix







































This week’s Wedding Wednesday post was written by one of our grooms, Jeff. We asked him to tell us about his experience doing a “First Look” on the wedding day. You can view some of their downtown Nashville wedding photos here!


So, I have to admit, when Gwen and Matt first suggested to us that we should do a “first look” as part of the schedule of photography for our wedding day, although my bride was on board with the idea from the get go, I was dead set, adamantly against it. It went against all the freaky superstitions, it was wrong, it is not meant to be for the bride and groom to see each other BEFORE the wedding! It’s bad luck, right? Why would I do that? NO NO NO NO NO!

After some discussion with my fiancée I agreed to give it some thought….. I thought about it for the months to come, and particularly with ours being a night time low light wedding, We wanted to make sure we had the optimal lighting for the pictures we would remember FOREVER when looking back on our day! “No No No” but it made a little sense right? I mean, we are in 2010, not the 50’s right? NO!NO! well…maybe…I mean Jessi is ok with it…..but, what about the music? The nervous butterflies? OK, I will think about it some more.

I finally conceded “defeat” (or so I thought at the time) and said we would do our first look, as long as I could play music when my bride walked in. For me, it was about that moment, and all of the senses that go into it. The music playing, the decorations, the smell of the air, the feeling when I would see my bride for the very first time. So, we decided to have our first look in the very spot where we would have the wedding! A “dress rehearsal” of what would come just hours later.

OK, I admit it I was wrong to be so against the “first look”! We hit the music, I had my back turned, Gwen and Matt were snapping pictures, the music was playing, the sun was shining,and the butterflies were all over the place in my stomach as I turned around to see the most beautiful bride in the whole wide world! We were both so glad to not have to worry about 100 people seeing us, as we saw each other , and it gave us both the chance to enjoy a moment we would cherish for the rest of our lives. Plus, with the Nashville Sun shining down, and as much time as we needed, the pictures were of course unbelievable! So, for a guy who considers himself to be pretty old fashion when it came to weddings, I am certainly grateful that we had our “first look” moment all to ourselves!





We just got in from Cassandra & Terrance’s beautiful wedding at the Ramona Pavilion and had such a great time with this sweet couple and both of their wonderful families! So much warmth and love was present today!! The newlyweds are heading on their honeymoon on Monday, so we wanted to be sure to post a sneak peek before they leave. We hope you both have a lovely time on your cruise! Congratulations and many blessings!! : )


Yesterday, we posted some cute photos of Emily & Bart at Johnny Angel’s restaurant where we grabbed some milkshakes before heading out for their engagement session. We had such a fun time, but it was at the second location that we got to see the real side of this sweet couple!

Emily & Bart love the outdoors, so we went to one of their favorite spots. It’s a hidden treasure, and we’re thrilled that they brought us to their secret location! It turned out to be the perfect place for their photos, and we also had some amazing golden sunlight to work with!

But the really beautiful part about the session was the couple. Not only are they gorgeous, they are also genuine and so comfortable together. It’s like being together just makes sense. And there’s nothing more beautiful than being in someone’s arms and feeling “Yes, THIS is where I belong.”

We’re officially Emily & Bart fans now, and we can’t wait for their wedding this summer! We’re excited to work with makeup artist Amanda Hopcraft again (who also did Emily’s makeup for the e-session). It’s going to be so beautiful, but you’ll have to wait a couple more months to see those photos! In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy swooning over their engagement photos as much as we do!

















When I asked Emily to describe her & Bart’s style as a couple, she defined it as “classic and probably a little old-fashioned.” And then she explained, “I could totally picture us back then sitting at an ice cream parlor on a date drinking a milkshake with 2 straws and it being completely normal.”

So as we were planning their engagement session, we decided that it would be fun to get together for some milkshakes first! We’d already met Emily, but since this was our first time meeting Bart we thought it would be a fun way to break the ice before the shoot! We brought them to a great little 50s diner called Johnny Angel’s off St. John’s Bluff Road. Matt and I had lunch there over the weekend and instantly fell in love with the decor and the killer milkshakes! It’s family owned, so there’s a lot of love and character in this restaurant!

We had a blast hanging out with Emily & Bart, and we’re so glad that we stopped for milkshakes first! The planned part of their engagement session was in a beautiful natural setting (we’ll share those tomorrow) but for now we hope you enjoy their cute mini-session at Johnny Angel’s. We want to thank the owners, Salem & Donna, so much for letting us do this! We just love your restaurant and can’t wait to come back next Tuesday for Trivia Night!

We also have to give a shout out to makeup artist Amanda Hopcraft, who did Emily’s makeup for the engagement session! We’re excited about working with you again!












I’m so excited to announce that as of TODAY we now have a Facebook page for Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography! Please “Like” us to find out about our latest news! We’ll be using our Facebook page to announce any sales and promotions and also for fun contests! So if you don’t “Like” our page, you’ll be missing out on all the fun!! : )

We just got in from a fun engagement session at two amazing locations. The first one we’ll tell you more about on Thursday, but first we wanted to post a sneak peek from location #2. This is a special location that Emily & Bart brought us to, and it’s so peaceful and beautiful. It really is a hidden gem!

Here’s one of our favorite shots (though it’s hard to choose!). : )


Last week we shot an engagement session that was so sweet it made me teary-eyed! Nicole & Chris chose to shoot their engagement photos in St. Augustine, and we spent a *little* extra time with this special couple going all around the historic downtown area and ending at the beach.

Nicole & Chris met at the University of North Florida, and one of the things we observed about them was how they laugh together. You can tell that they are not only adore each other, but they are also close friends. It’s a closeness that survives long distances and time apart. Chris has been living on the complete opposite side of the country with the Navy in California while Nicole has been living here in Florida. After a road trip together across the country, they get to spend some time here in Florida before Chris goes on his next deployment. You can see how much they treasure every moment together.

This was so much more than just an engagement session, and we were so honored to be able to capture these photos for them. Thank you Nicole & Chris for letting us spend the day with you!

















I love this shot because of Nicole’s reaction when one of the waves came up and hit them! It was too cute! The water was cold at first, but it was so hot that we kept hoping for the water to keep hitting us.





Lighting makes all the difference! The shot above was taken without flash, and the one below was taken using off camera flash. Both are beautiful, but the one below is a little more dramatic. I love the sky just before sunset!!