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This Wedding Wednesday, we wanted to introduce you to the lovely Heather, better known as The Majestic Planner! We met up for lunch recently and talked about all things wedding and I have to tell you that she’s a brilliant woman full of vision!

There are a lot of people out there who can help you with your wedding. They may be called day of coordinators, planners, consultants… it can get confusing! So I asked Heather to share exactly what she does as The Majestic Planner.

The Majestic Planner - Jacksonville Wedding Planners

Many people think of an event planner/coordinator and think of someone who plans banquets or weddings but that is it. They have no idea what is all entailed in the title, so after reading this blog, you will know exactly what I do.

~ Did you know that a traditional wedding takes more than 250 hours to plan?
With our busy lifestyles, constantly going, working, etc. it can be extremely hard to find an additional 250+ hours to plan your wedding. I help take a bulk of the hours off of you so you get exactly what you want without having to sacrifice and locate the extra time.

~ Who will establish your personalized planning timeline?
Whether you have 2 years or 5 months to plan your wedding, each wedding and event needs its own personalized planning timeline. I provide each of my clients with one, meeting their needs for their specific event, this way each aspect is gone over, nothing is missed and you do not have to rush getting things done.

~ What about newspaper announcements, your engagement photo shoot, and Save the Dates?
Do you plan on having your engagement and wedding announcements in the newspaper? What about your engagement photos and Save the Dates? I will schedule your appointments, such as the photo session, as well as can remind you about, make and/or send out your Save the Date announcements.

~ Who will manage your budget?
One of the major impacts on events is the budget. No matter what your event budget, I provide each client with their own personalized budget tracker and keep track of it for them. This allows them to see where the money is going, how much is left, and where they can spend a little extra if desired.

~ Who will help you with choosing your colors, themes and decorations?
Although some brides have picked out their colors and/or theme already, some have no idea where to start. I can provide assistance with color and theme choice as well as creative decor ideas. Whether vintage or contemporary, there is no limit to the creativeness I can assist you with.

~ Are you ready and organized to make your guest list, pick out the invitation style, address the envelopes, and keep track of RSVP’s?
I do this too!! To make your life easier, you can have them RSVP directly to me, or you can forward them to me so you do not have to keep up with every number for every small detail.

~ What about keeping up with contracts for vendors, making sure they do what you wanted, and delivering their final payments?
From accompanying you to vendor appointments, to referring highly recommended vendors for your event, I personally make sure the vendors do exactly what they are supposed to do from being set up in the right spot to making sure the DJ plays all the right songs. No need to worry about the final payments at the last minute either, as you can give them to me to be delivered so you can truly enjoy your day.

~ Who will help you with the menu for your reception?
A very important part of your event is the food. From menu selection to tasting and ordering, I will be there with you every step of the way.

~ What about styling your wedding?
Wedding party dresses, table settings, centerpieces, and decor, nothing describes this other than your wedding style. Each event has its unique style that sets them apart from everything else, and with a strong sense of fashion I am able to benefit you in this area as well.

~ Do you only have your venue for a short time, and you do not know how you will get all the festivities done in that time frame?
Do not worry! I make your day-of timeline so all festivities will be just the way you wanted with more than enough time for everything. If something causes the timeline to get behind, I adjust accordingly so you enjoy your day and still get everything you dreamt of.

~ Who is going to set up your venue on your big day?
From decorating and setting up to making sure the flowers, food and cake are delivered and set up exactly as you imagined. Your friends and family can enjoy your big day with you, and leave the details to me.

~ What about your rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner?
It is imperative to have an experienced professional walk everyone through the ceremony at the rehearsal. This will give the Bride a piece of mind so she knows everyone knows what they are doing, and the party can be more relaxed knowing what to do. Following the rehearsal is the rehearsal dinner. If you need plans to be made for the dinner, I can also make these plans for you and your wedding party and family.

~ Who will make sure YOU are happy and YOUR day is all about YOU?
The end result is that your event is essentially about YOU! From making sure the bride has everything she needs, to helping her calm down, dry tears, kindly kick out occasional people if needed (yes, believe it or not this can happen) and relieve stress, I am here to make your day all about YOU!!

To sum it up….An event/wedding planner/coordinator is a mediator, consultant, sounding board, decorator, stylist…an organizer, artisan and a financial adviser all rolled into one.

Ultimately, I am one person with a large variety of titles and duties which fall under one category….Event Coordinator / Celebration Specialist.

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