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It should be no surprise that in our house, we’re wedding movie fanatics! So we are excited about the upcoming release of “Jumping The Broom” to DVD next week! To celebrate, we thought that we would give everyone a chance to win a copy of the movie! All you have to do is tell us what your favorite wedding tradition is in the comment box below! It can be a tradition that has been in your family, a new tradition that you’re beginning, something you did at your wedding, or something you’ve seen at other weddings! You have until Monday, August 8th at midnight to enter!


Bridgette & Bryant jumping the broom at their Hammock Beach Resort wedding this past weekend!


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  1. Mary Marantz says:

    I love the hand ceremony!! “These are the hands of your best friend…”

  2. I love the old new borrowed blue & a six pence in your shoe. I have put so much thought into all of these while planning my wedding. I am still trying to find a borrowed though. The blue is what will have the most meaning though, it’s a blue hankie of my late grandfathers that I will wrap my bouquet in.
    When a friend(Stacie) got married, I was a mad woman’s making sure she had all of hers as well.
    I just think this is a fun tradition that everyone, no matter the age, enjoys doing. Everyone always asks what you chose too!

  3. Administrator says:

    Mary, that is a beautiful one! <3

    Jess, I love that one, too! Something old was the one I got most excited about. I had a ring from my grandmother and a necklace from Matt’s grandmother. It meant a lot to me! But keep working on that borrowed piece! It has something to do with our next contest! ; )

  4. Linelle says:

    We did our ceremony in a sort of.. parent’s vows to the couple, couple’s vows to each other, and the couple’s vows to the kids:
    instead of “who gives this bride…”, the pastor asked my parents if they accepted Jon into their family, to love and support him, etc etc.. and asked the same of Jon’s parents.. if they accepted me
    and then after we did our vows to each other, the pastor asked me if I accepted Jon’s daughter, to love and support her, etc etc.. and asked Jon if he accepted my two sons.

  5. Administrator says:

    Linelle, I loved how you both included your families in the ceremony! I could see how family was so important to both of you! It’s very heartwarming! : )

  6. Sandy says:

    I’ve seen this in a few magazines and loved it… so I’m going to start my tradition of having my parent’s and Ralph’s parents wedding day pictures showcased on our guestbook table next to our GORGEOUS engagement picture!! Both couples have been married for over 30+ years and I think it’s a beautiful testament to true love and a long lasting marriage which I hope to have with Ralph!!!!

  7. Lisa Pollock says:

    My favorite wedding tradition of late is the unity sand ceremony. I only seen one recently and up until then, I thought I’d have a unity candle ceremony at my wedding. Though both represent the joining of two to make one, we chose to have a unity sand ceremony because we thought it fit in with our destination wedding perfectly and, most importantly, would make for a prettier keepsake we can display and have forever. As our priest said, “once merged, the separately colored grains of sand can never be separated.”

  8. Administrator says:

    Sandy, that is a very sweet idea, and a great way to honor your parents!

    Lisa, I love the sand ceremony, too, especially the part about how it can never be separated! The very first wedding I ever shot was for a friend and it was a Jewish ceremony and they did something similar with salt. I got a great shot of the Rabbi picking up the grains of salt and dropping them back in as he explained how they could they could never be separated back into their original containers. It’s such a beautiful idea!

  9. Monika Dunlap says:

    I decided to start a new tradition and do something different for our wedding. I decided not to include any flowers in the wedding and not to carry a bouquet. Instead while walking down the isle (in the evening on the beach) I’ll carry a lantern with a burning candle inside. This will symbolize light and warmth for my husband that I’m bringing to his life and will be a direction for him and a way to always find me if he ever gets lost…

  10. Tenita Marshall says:

    I would have to say my favorite wedding tradition is breaking the glass.

  11. Lela says:

    There are 3 things we will be incorporating:

    1 – My children will be “giving” me away. They will be 14 and 11 yrs old.
    2- We will be using the Unity Cross because I love the symbolism it represents as well as the actual look of the cross
    3 – Since we are a mixed couple and I see the wedding as a a blending of everything, we will be asking the guests to pronounce us man and wife instead of the minister. The minister will tell the “community” the bride and groom is requesting this so we can have a total involvement of both families.

  12. Kizzy Marshall says:

    There are not many wedding traditions in my family. But my sisters and myself are known to come up with something! Darren & I are not a traditional couple however at his request will be be jumping the broom. Moreover, we hope to start a few traditions of our own. The first gift we give to one another as husband and wife is a single long stem rose. We also plan on presenting our children with a gift and saying vows to them. However, as far as my handsome husband to be, Proverbs 12:4 says: a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband, therefore, I am going to crown my husband :) its going to be great because he have no idea :) LOVE SURPRISING HIM

  13. Administrator says:

    Monika, I love the idea of the lantern! The very first wedding I shot the bride and her bridesmaids all carried lanterns. It was a very early morning ceremony, and the old tradition in Judaism is that the groom would come for the bride and it could be at any time, so she had to be ready with a lantern. So we never knew what time he would arrive, and she was ready with the lantern. But I love the symbolism that you have for carrying a lantern! What a beautiful idea!

    Tenita, I always love the breaking the glass tradition, too! It’s such an exciting moment!

    Lela, I love that your kids are giving you away! Unity crosses are beautiful, too! And I’ve never heard of the guests pronouncing the couple! What a great idea!!

    Kizzy, you and Darren are so precious!! I can’t wait to meet you!

    I have everyone’s names down on little slips of paper, so I will be drawing a name and announcing the winner on our Tuesday wedding post and on Facebook! We’ll be doing another contest for another movie tomorrow!! : )

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