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Last week, we had a contest to celebrate the release of the movie “Jumping The Broom” to DVD! So this week, we decided to do the same for “Something Borrowed,” which hits stores next Tuesday!

We’ll do a drawing for a free copy of the DVD if you tell us what your something borrowed was or what you plan it to be for your wedding! Or you can even tell us the coolest “something borrowed” you’ve seen another bride have! You have until Sunday night at midnight to enter! We’ll post the winner on the blog and on Facebook next Monday! : )


6 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday | Something Borrowed | Jacksonville Wedding Photographers”

  1. Beth B. says:

    I had two something borrowed my moms garter and the cake knife she used at her wedding.

  2. Shannon Curran says:


    The “something borrowed” I’m planning on having for my wedding day is a family necklace. I know jewelry is so typical, but my late mother passed this on to my older sister, she wore it at her wedding, and now I’m borrowing it to wear at mine!
    It really is so special to us.

  3. Christie says:

    I’m borrowing my head piece from a close friend. :)

  4. Administrator says:

    I guess I should tell my something borrowed! I actually didn’t have anything, so my friend let me “borrow” her fake eyelashes! Lashes make such a dramatic difference, though you all may be happy to know that she did not require me to give them back after I was done using them! LOL!

    Shannon, I had jewelry as my something old. I wore my late grandmother’s ring and my hubby’s late grandmother’s necklace. They both passed while we were still dating, so it was very special to have them present! <3

  5. shannon Yanko says:

    I had two something borrowed … first was my jewelry everything piece i wore was borrowed from someone different :) plus my slip was borrowed from my cousin and to make it mine i sewed in pictures of my grandparents who passed away so that they could be there every step of the way on my big day!!

  6. Linelle says:

    I didn’t really plan for something borrowed, but since I lagged on getting my jewelry I ended up borrowing my sister’s earrings. Then later, found out that my mom brought along their set of cake knife/server from their wedding for us to use. So we had two something borrowed.. =)

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