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After an insane travel schedule in August (where I was gone more days than I was home) I had quite a bit of catching up to do and I’ve been slacking on the Wedding Wednesday posts. And after working with 3 amazing interns at Solutions Bridal, our guest blogger series titled “Dress Talk” has come to an end. But since so many of you have said you miss the Wedding Wednesday posts, we have come up with some new topics (and some fun ideas) to share with you each week!

This week, though, I’m going to get down to business and let you know about our process after the wedding. I started writing out the steps in our post production process for my own benefit, and it’s pretty eye-opening. You see, I’m simultaneously working on several projects and each step in the process is done in pieces, so I never looked at how much time was going into the entire process – just the individual pieces. And on top of all of these tasks I’m managing the business, shooting, going to meetings, networking, planning – sounds like it’s time to start a new list!

Everyone has their own post processing workflow. Here is how we do it:

Part 1: Immediately After The Wedding (2-3 hours)
Upload cards to hard drive in individual file folders (Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3, etc.)
Rename files in Bridge (ex: Disc 1_001)
Upload folders to Lightroom
Back up images on external hard drive
Save original discs until everything has been edited and backed up on disc, external hard drive, and Pictage
Choose one image for blog sneak peek – flag and rate 5 stars in Lightroom
Edit in Lightroom and Photoshop and resize/watermark for blog
Create blog post and publish
Email bride and groom to let them know about sneak peek
Link sneak peek on Facebook
Add sneak peek image to “Weddings” folder on Facebook
Go to bed… zzzzzzz…

Part 2: Cull Images (about 2 hours)
Go through all images and flag the ones to be edited

Part 3: Blog Post (up to 10 hours)
Select images for the blog and rate 5 stars
After all blog images have been selected, color correct in Lightroom
Export 5 star images
Edit blog images in Photoshop, resize, watermark and rename in Blog folder
Create file folder for blog images on website and upload via FTP
Write blog post and link images
Publish blog post and send emails
Link on Facebook and upload blog images to Facebook album
(Add up to 3 more hours if slideshow is included in blog post)

Part 4: Lightroom (between 13-18 hours)
Go through all flagged images and apply color/lighting corrections and any necessary straightening or cropping (about 5-10 hours)
Export images to “edits” folder (up to 8 hours)

Part 5: Photoshop (about 5 hours)
Open each image and adjust as necessary to make images ready for print
May do some cloning to remove distracting items (ex: people in the background at the beach)

Part 6: Bridge (about 1 hour)
Move all images to event folder with categories for each part of the wedding day
Open each folder in Bridge and sort images by capture time
Rename images in each folder

Part 7: Back Up Edited Files (about 2 hours)
Back up event folder to external hard drive (keep on computer until project completed)
Create a disc backup of all edited images

Part 8: Pictage (about 20 hours)
Upload all images to Pictage (up to 20 hours)
Submit event and wait for Pictage to release event site (within 24 hours)
Choose main image and double check all settings
Release album to bride and groom and send them an email to explain how to use the Pictage gallery

Part 9: Slideshow (up to 3 hours)
Choose slideshow images and create slideshow
Send link to slideshow to bridge and groom
Upload slideshow to Facebook
(This step is sometimes done with the blog post)

Part 10: Album Design (up to 8 hours)
Pre-design album layout using InDesign
Export full size files and create a low resolution copy for proofing
Upload to proofing site
Send first draft to bride and groom for revisions
Make necessary changes and send to bride and groom for a second review
Make final changes and send to bride and groom for final review before sending to print
Submit files to album vendor to be printed

Part 11: Back Up Album Files
Back up final album pages to external hard drive

Part 12: Create Discs (about 2 hours)
Create disc of images for couple
Create DVD slideshow for couple

Part 13: Delivery of Final Product
Once the album has been received and reviewed for any errors, pack products for mailing or pick up

This is just a brief portion of what I do as a wedding photographer. Over the weekend, a friend of mine said photography was a dream job. And while it truly is an AMAZING job, it is not quite as glamorous as people might believe. Someone posted a link to this article on Facebook after I published this Wedding Wednesday post, so I thought I’d come back in and share it:

I can honestly say that I have worked harder at this job than ANY job I have ever had in my life! But in our 4th year of business, I can tell you I love it even more now than when I first started.

So now you can understand why I love Starbucks so much (and why I add that 4th shot of espresso to my caramel macchiato)! I could outsource a large part of this process, but how an image is handled in post is part of the art of creating a digital image. We have a particular style that we want to achieve, and when we outsourced our work to one of the major editing companies before we were extremely disappointed with the result. And I have to admit, I love going through the images again and again, remembering each moment and watching the story come to life in the blog highlights and the slideshow.

And because every blog post is better with a photo, here’s one of Erin & Rob, who are getting married this weekend in Charlotte!!!


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