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The wedding cake is a focal point of the wedding reception. It’s a work of art and it’s a conversation starter. You can really make a statement with what you put on top of the cake! We know that couples put a lot of thought into what to adorn their cake with, so we thought we’d share some cake topper ideas!

Let’s start with the iconic cake topper – a bride and groom! These days, the bride and groom have a modern or humorous twist, but every once in a while we see the classic cake topper. If you truly want to be traditional, use a family heirloom such as your parents’ cake topper like some of these brides did!

There are a lot of novelty cake toppers that take the traditional look and truly make a statement. If you want to set the mood for a fun evening, get your guests giggling with some of these hilarious toppers!

Groom running away cake topper

Groom holding a fishing pole with a ring on the end of it

From the front it looks like a traditional cake topper, but in the back the bride is pinching the groom's butt!

If you want something unique, try a handmade cake topper from Etsy. Alexis & Matt had this adorable custom cake topper made to match their wedding attire and also included their cat!

Your cake topper can also tie into your wedding theme. Check out how these couples showed off their personal style:

Dave is a hockey coach, so Shannon found a cake topper that had the groom holding skates and a hockey stick

Jackie & Zac used a Nightmare Before Christmas figure as their cake topper

Missy & Brian put starfish on the cake for their beach wedding

What becomes of your cake topper AFTER the cake is gone? These couples opted for porcelain cake toppers that could be put on display in their home. This is what Matt & I decided on! Since we did a dove release, we went with a pair of doves (just like Carmen & Kyle’s cake below)!

If you don’t want to save your cake topper, why not eat it? These toppers are not only adorable – they’re edible, too! : )

A simple, yet elegant way to top your cake is with a monogram. You can choose to just have the initial of your new married name or include both the bride and groom’s first initials.

If none of these cake toppers appeal to you, why not decorate your cake with flowers? It ties in to the centerpieces and bouquets, you don’t have to keep it after the wedding, and it may just be the prettiest way to top a cake!

What’s the best cake topper you’ve ever seen? What did you decided to top your cake with, and why?

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